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Time Management

A few weeks ago I was invited to present a seminar on how to use the time, a group of executives in Dallas Texas. I am sure that everyone attending a conference expected to ideas, or strategies to manage an agenda, how to use assertive communication in their presentations, and how to be effective in […]

Financial Way

At some point in life, most people on the planet, have the same problem: do not have enough to live the life they want. And it doesn’t matter if what they want is to get money for their next meal or to compare a yacht, the majority of people always has to deal with times […]

That It Is Cheaper: Buying, Leasing Or Renting Of Commercial Equipment ?

For most newcomers to the vending business, pressing question: what is more profitable to start? Buy vending machine or take it out? In addition, for the novice natural desire to hedge, not putting too much at once a lot of money. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of all the options. […]


Second (STOCK, 1998), logistic reversa is an area with great amplitude for study is inserted in logistic enterprise, that in turn is inserted in the management of the suppliment chain, whose its main activity is to put into motion corresponding products, goods and information they, for all the productive chain. In contrast of logistic the […]

Patrick Spray RS 70 In Top 3 Of The “novelties Of The Year 2013”

One of the highlights of this year’s EuroTier represented the rumen stable fat powder additive ANTONE spray RS 70 of the company BEWITAL. With the novelty of the year 2013 “the agricultural producers of the dlv drew German agricultural Publisher on Thursday evening, November 15, 2012, the top animal meeting in Halle from 27 special […]

Berlin Tel

facts & figures Designer Outlet Berlin the designer outlet Berlin in Wustermark in Berlin was opened on June 18, 2009. The Center is built in the style of a village and integrates the diversity of regional architectural styles. With its prestigious brands and the year-round reduced prices, it offers a shopping experience unique to the […]

Yellow Clay

Due to the great abundance of minerals and trace elements, especially the high silica content. Active clay helps to build of tissue and connective tissue. Speaking candidly Reshma Kewalramani told us the story. Externally applied impact absorbent, antiseptic, antibacterial, drying out, desodorierend, tissue-regenerating, cooling, soothing, decongestant, entsauernd, relieve the itching and soothing active clay. By […]

Holger Schupp

Achim Gunzel and Holger Schupp show not just the horse as object, but also the special moment, which is reflected in the unusually expressive images, there are horse pictures and there are pictures of horses. Achim Gunzel and Holger Schupp show not just the horse as object, but also the special moment, which is reflected […]

Science Laser

Jenoptik M with integrated micro-wave assisted technology of industry has presented their new exhaust air purifier KATASORB 2012 at ACHEMA. In cooperation with the researchers of the Institute for technical chemistry and environmental chemistry of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Jenoptik has developed a new technology for the purification of waste, leverages the advantages of microwave technology. […]

Autumn Cup At The MSC Wittgenborn

The autumn Cup at the MSC Wittgenborn was again an exciting thing. Waechtersbach Wittgenborn (hop) – the autumn Championship 2008 was the crowning of the anniversary year at the motor sports club (MSC) Wittgenborn. Therefore 68 drivers met on the attractive bird mountain ring of 1038 metres long cards section of the Association. The age […]