Civil Code

the phenomenology of the world of the law, which can create, regulate, modify and extinguish rights or obligations regarding legal, between two or more parties, consequently a legal fact is gender and the legal act their species.Will therefore be legal because you encausara legal effects (relevant legal consequences to the right) on the contrary, a fact will be ajuridico, i.e. not legal when not produce any legal effect, or for the right little interested him if a fly flies in full season of winter or summer, in other words extracted him value acts of courtesy which men carried out link in society, or if one of these days it rains or a meteorite falls in a river.The doctrine in these recent events caused by nature, the He called the facts natural or accidental, because at any moment he will speak the will of man. The common denominator between the voluntary and involuntary facts is legal, for example, as you will know death is a natural fact, now well, if occurs through a homicide?You are separate inferred that death is a natural fact, also will be voluntary, since by means conduct there was a or an omission. Finally, inferred made the following licit and illicit, volunteers: the first are those human acts established by the parties, intended to produce legal effects or jurigenos.By jurigenos effects will tell which are legal consequences indicted by one or more agents, approved by law if they are effects loved by the parties at the Italian doctrine cannot know it not as legal acts, but as legal businesses, to protect the law with the purpose that made certain private interests brought about by themselves. For example: the sale and purchase of a Corolla car fixed at one hundred thousand soles elevated into public deed, recorded in the national Superintendence of the public records (Sunarp).

Instead, volunteers wrongful acts are those in which perform, perform or execute legal acts outside the trade. They try to facts that they deviate from the order of legality, i.e., the legal order and its rules of public order, contrary to what dictates the objective law, affecting, consequently, morals and good customs; in an exemplary way: when a seller offers to a minor, in exchange for an indeterminate amount of money, a firearm, just so this kills her stepfather to violating his sister for ten years. Or, when an unknown person gives to another a good sum of American money, only to make it move towards Europe, airway, three hundred kilograms of cocaine paste, ingesting are them as capsules inside his stomach. In short, the legal facts are those that may be the result of the same nature or man, but that their effects will have significance in the field of law, under which have as a course in common that it is legal or jurigeno, to alter the world of law through its various phenomena.

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