Congregation Church

As we can see, the Catholic Church has been and is extremely avant-garde in the international field, since it has been able to give a clear and concise answer to the various major international nature (political, social and economic) problems. It is worth mentioning that, for reasons of space and time, I had to skip a wide variety of topics that also – have been dealt with by the ecclesiastical authorities. However, we must remember that at all times the Church is loyal to the principles of divine and natural; In addition to that every decision is based on principles of faith and reason. The Church offers special care to create institutions, as it is the case of the Congregation of the doctrine of the faith, that promote the interreligious and cultural dialogue to find the answer to the major social conflicts.

At last Although there are many to cite, I recommend the reader to consult the various encyclicals written by the most recent popes, the social doctrine of the Church and of course review the Catechism of the Catholic Church; documents explaining the reasons why the Church adopts a particular stance towards a global situation. To begin to conclude, I would like to present some data surplus the work of the Church on this continent in particular. I would like to use the example of our country and our neighbor in the North (USA) to illustrate the situation in the Catholic Church in at least one sector of the North of the American continent. To refer to the United States, I’ll use a study, done by Sam Miller, a prominent businessman Jew in Cleveland, where points out that the Catholic Church in that country educates 2.6 million students, at a cost to the Church of a saving of $ 18 trillion and $ 10 trillion to tax payers. In addition, education in Catholic institutions is always located in the first country of educational excellence, and costs about 30% less in United States there are at least 230 Catholic Colleges serving approximately 700,000 students.

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