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With a new year, it is time to focus on establishing new records of income for the year 2011, investing in marketing strategies with greater return on investment potential. We know that small businesses have more risk than large companies when it comes to capitalizing on emerging trends; Therefore it is suggested to follow the old adage, the bird early get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. We prepare a list of the best entrepreneurs online marketing trends for 2011. 1 LocationThe location-based Marketing is so important that Google has already begun to mix local results and maps with other searches. Make your mobile website easier, include telephone numbers; In addition prepare more marketing features that are added to the results of the search, such as mobile coupons, tags and custom logos. 2.

Search Instantaneadesde Google decided that the search results and suggested key phrases appear instantly, look for some consumers with sentences shorter search in favor of these most relevant proposals. For example, a consumer looking for sneakers to run can go with the proposal for comment sneakers to run. If your business is optimized for shorter search phrases, is the time to evaluate phrases more time to make sure that there are potential customers. 3.-Social Media’s SeguimientoEste year 2011, the social media carried out by companies are not for use as personal as we would like to believe. We spend time and money building an experience to the potential customer. Their fans show the positive thing is to exploit the properties of social media to reach your customers with social marketing campaigns.

4. Social Media MarketingEjecutar real sites of social media marketing campaigns. Try with contests, coupons and promotions to reward to the loyal customers who are logged in your business. 5.-Marketing MovilMientras that 2010 has shown us that many people use text messaging, email or social media on their smart phones, the majority of consumers still don’t feel comfortable cutting a photo of a bar code.

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