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How to increase sales of cosmetics in 3 times!? / 04.08.2004 / In our equipment – SIMPLE! As you know, these days everyone honestly earned ruble has been difficult. And it's true. You want to earn more money, but sometimes it costs more than you are willing to pay! For example, you sell cosmetics in a luxury store, and you hire a salesperson. Man, that will sell your products. To advise your clients. From which will depend on your level of sales. Man, that would be no different from hundreds of other such girls. Which does not help you stand out for you, is your remarkable brand among thousands of adjacent bubbles of other firms.

Which does not increase your sales. Which will cost you 500-600 dollars a month. BUT there is a brilliant solution to this problem, which can give a good push in the business. It means the result. IT called – SHOW problem and its solution.

Let me explain what this means and how it works. Your dealer is also in the same shop, at the same place, but now your sales have increased by 3 times! How does it look like? It's very simple! Imagine that you go into a shop of perfumery, cosmetics, and you see a seller who is testing your skin for FREE. Defines the type of your skin. Moisture in your skin. The elasticity of your skin. The problem of your skin. Quickly. Professionally. Unmistakable. Offers you a complete solution to your problems. And here comes the fun part: You no longer simply a buyer helplessly facing a huge selection. You now know exactly what you need for you. And most importantly – where you can get it. In this store, this seller, with the help of this wonderful beauty. You show your client of his problem. And provide solutions. HOW IT WORKS It's very simple. For a typical notebook connected color digital video camera. With interchangeable zoom lenses. WITH ALL UVELICHENIYAV 60, 300, 1000. With the ability to see deeper layers of skin. With the possibility of processing the received result in a special program. With the ability to issue recommendations on the makeup. Now imagine that this is YOUR test vendor skin or hair of your clients. It's no longer bored waiting for the client consultant. This seller, which formed a queue to – Learn about your skin and hair as much information – Learn how to properly apply your makeup – get your make-up result – increase your sales. WORKS by one person. The result seemed to work three! Maximum results with minimum costs. It is very important, is not it? But this is not the most important. The important thing is that you can see what has been said on their own experience. Therefore, we propose the following: 1. Call us at 495-995-96-76 2. Tell us what YOU want to learn more about this equipment and we'll show you it in action, at your store on your makeup without any obligation or preconditions.

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