Life And Death Of Michael Jackson

If only the given name Michael is entered on Google, you get the proposal of Michael Jackson – immediately still before Michael Douglas or Michael Schumacher if one which looks at numerous Michael Jackson Fan forums and followed the comments, one can get the impression, there are two varieties of Michael Jackson fans: those who have worshipped him already in his lifetime and that it only with, or have learned to love after his death. The intensity with which fans describe the relationship to their idol is however remarkably and usual ravings or respects not to compare. Here, a lot of love is spoken by a person who was much more than a world-famous entertainer. Yes, even religious comparisons to that provided first irritate, but animate in closer but very provoking. You can move Michael Jackson in the proximity of Jesus, or is the mere blasphemy? “Smile with love / smile with love” is a novel that deals precisely with this topic. The author and self-confessed Michael Jackson fan Werner Jakob pond tells very sensitive and loving, like the hours could be expired after the death of Michael Jackson, and it challenges the imagination of the reader. He records a story that donates reconciliation for any doubting, grieving fan, at least for the time of reading for all the pain and the questions after the why! If however Jakobsweg pilgrims or caroler devout Christians from the statements which will enjoy active protagonists in the novel, staying then made literary and cultural explosives could be hidden. “Michael Jackson – this is it – smile with Love Smile with love / smile with love” paperback 142 pages of the Publishing House of Camino live under the ISBN 9783000330001 at the price of EUR 9.90.

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