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From this electoral marketing consultant focus their services according to the parameters of excellence, independence, transparency, professionalism and honesty. And this is possible because MKE integrates a multidisciplinary team of more than twenty professionals of the highest level capable of working in very diverse areas, to achieve a comprehensive service in which a candidate can have all the necessary tools to achieve their goals. In this sense, Jose Luis Casero, who was director of economic and Industrial Promotion in Madrid for five years, understands that parties and candidates could be analyzed with certain nuances as political enterprises that produce political goods such as ideologies, services and decisions. And also in competition with others. Why you can’t or you must wait for the last moment, i.e., to the campaign. That is the big mistake. Citizens need to be in permanent contact with their politicians, not just in time to ask for a vote.

Society demands every day ideas, credibility, honesty, trust, experience and competence in the management, and this, which is a process in time, also earns every day with proper preparation. MKE client has a profile clear signaling both executives: we advise the best professionals with experience and qualifications as evidenced in the private sector and who want to join the management of the public sector, people and institutions that has values that contribute to society, although not raised in the bosom of any political party of the so-called traditional. That is why this initiative wants to change treatment which until now has been given to the electoral activity: what happens is that it has not developed properly, has not integrated the real protagonists who are citizens, and has been marked by an exercise dependent, partisan and unprofessional. This has led to disappointment on the part of the citizenry with respect to parties and candidates. You do not need more to see the latest surveys of valuation of the current political class, in which no leader approves drew Murcia. About MKE, Electoral Marketing this marketing consultant and electoral management consultant was born from the initiative of a group of professionals in various sectors, with over 20 years experience, specialized in corporate and institutional communication, public relations, image and identity, as well as in the management and the enhancement of innovative projects in the electoral field. Consultancy, headquartered in Madrid, is to respond to these processes and electoral situations by providing the tools necessary to assist and advise in the projection of the image, personality and knowledge to citizens coping any process that involves a choice between several candidates, also covering any associations, chambers of Commerce and mayors of small towns and municipalities. Note to journalists: for more information or interview request please do not hesitate to contact us.

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