Market Analysis:

Market analysis: Stimulation of potential market: I want to get some more potential markets nationwide that Jeff would be achieved because the market I want, because his whole career is market stimulation target market: In the target market want the vendors (manufacturers and vendors) and demanders (consumers or buyers) for a particular good or service so that they enter into close business relationship to carry out numerous business transactions to perform well My goal as a company. Justification of target market: Our company is inclined to promote free launch of our customers, offering them the opportunity to start their own business of chocolates for us so our products carried in stores, with which they earn handsome gains or a steady paycheck. Apparent consumption: the consumption of our company every year we look at what we have used and that equates to our prices to upload or download as apparent consumption. Profile of consumer: The consumer profile is obtained after conducting a market survey among a representative sample. The consumer profile allows focusing our strategies according to the needs, sociodemographic, behavioral, lifestyle and even attitudinal segment of our business objective. substitutes and complementary products and their analysis: our products are substitutes such as white chocolate and black, that is, if price rises of white chocolate people looking for a product like chocolate substitute black because its price is lower and not affects both their pockets, then we say that black chocolate is a substitute for white chocolate and therefore the demand for chocolate increases and black because of low white chocolate, and if the price of white chocolate was lower than the chocolate black, white people prefer to eat chocolate instead of black chocolate. These are products that have a relationship of inverse demand (demand rises and lowers one another). Instead of our complementary products is when, for example in the case of coffee and sugar, this means that if you increase the demand for coffee, so has the demand for sugar and by lowering the demand for coffee (because the price increase) also decreases in sugar (though its price remains the same).In any case it is the produce that has a direct demand (low low one and the other one goes up and up the other.) Coffee also will be one of our products apart from the chocolates. Analysis of competence: One of the major powers would be Jeff as this company is very strong nationally but taking a point of analysis Jeff also has things missing that I as an entrepreneur and I can take, as Jeff has renewed their products for years in design, image and publicity but not to impact with a new product, always hits with peanuts, and are quipe.But alas various products that could complement their chocolate is not derived as ariquipe my goal to beat Jeff would look for new products and designs for my product price also see what my competition calculate your finances and lower my prices for consumers see it apart from delicious, cheap, another strategy would be a serious strategy that each chocolate has a different product the product say that I like are attached to the bag on implementing it in the chocolate product that is more captivating. Identification of main potential competitors and their analysis: to identify all our competition is to analyze everything he does: the market, prices, finances ….

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