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This second stage, also called stage of concentration, is between the first or second year since the launch of the company and the fourth or fifth year. These early years have enormous scope since the company is getting more resources and other changes are giving to go achieving early results. Essential arrangements are being made to distributors are va providing them with more tools that simplify them and improve their work at the level of promotion, particularly through sites websites, official documentation of products, etc. It is also possible the first shifts in the image of the company and to broaden the product inventory in such a way that the company increases its presence in the market. Next to each of these variants, they begin to stand out early leaders of the company.

Due to the efficient task of these leaders and the organisation of their respective teams, the company is heading to the so-called next stage stage of momentum. Thanks to the impetus of these new leaders, the company is getting excellent results, to the point of breaking sales records. Enhances your business volume and gets an expansion which expands to new countries, obtaining new markets. The team arriving at this stage is where you have to demonstrate that it possesses the skills and strengths to continue advancing mode, it will come to be needed greater economic investment, and demonstrate that the MLM industry has no secrets for them. Here, you can be asking is at risk if he enters a company that is in a stage of concentration? Risks exist of course, but might decrease if you have in mind certain criteria, criteria which I have already mentioned in the article above, corresponding to the stage of Foundation or formation in MLM. The detail of more interest to keep in mind is that refers to the vast experience that must have the management team in the industry of the multilevel marketing. And with experience I mean having more than 10 years working in this industry. According to statistics some multilevel companies if they close happens before spending the first five years.

That is why quite a few people have their reserves to start in any company that has less than five years. However if you’re analyzing a company MLM that is at the stage of concentration, that you perceive compromise with such company, products pleased you, it satisfies you your compensation plan and at the same time its management team has a great experience in the MLM industry, the answer is clear: don’t waste this opportunity and become a networker of that company. You’d have to struggle hard in order to transform into one of the first leaders of this MLM company, and seek to transform the first to open your own country. The author is a Networker committed to teach their knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) to all those persons wishing to improve their performance in this industry. You can access the full article the stage of concentration and a whole series of articles about a MLM business.

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