Marketing Group

This allows to create a huge club of consumers who are making money in the short term, with your attached products, and long-term, with your MLM products. At the end, you bperform requirements imposed to you by your company, but in a natural way, by the number of members of your group, rather than selling in the street, or paying and storing products you don’t need just to collect your commissions. This is the genuine Leverage: support you in a huge group of people who consumed small amounts monthly, regular and constant, instead of loading the entire volume of your business on a few people, forcing them to sell and maintain a pace of consumption wrong. Advantages? All! Nobody leaves the business. How they will leave if they are earning money without killing to work? If someone is going, it is not a catastrophe.

If a member of the club no longer consume 100 euro, you still have 500 members consume 50,000 a month. No problem. The leadership can devote to that: to lead and help your group, rather than being permanently distressed looking for fresh blood that allows them to charge their fees next month. We promote branding and promote our group. We eliminate the competition. And most importantly: you are independent of your company. You use the marketing plan of your company at your convenience to make money, instead of being subjugated by him.

If you don’t know it, there is an independent Marketing system, where the leadership and the person are far more important than the volume or requirements. A Real system free of powers, demands, companies free free. I’m glad both share this with you, I have no drawback in that you send it to who you want. Remember: this information is not for everyone.

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