Merry Christmas

Today, 25 December 2010, Christmas, is the day of birth of Jesus, our Lord, a wonderful day, with sorties meanings for believers, for everyone who believes in God. I take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays, say Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, human beings that you imported. Normally, on Christmas day you have to be with your family, meet with your friends, with your neighbours with your customers, distributors, and if they are too many people and you can’t find you with all, contact them by e-mail, phone, letters, MSN, or any other way you create timely, but contact your loved ones, now, more than ever, do not fit the excuses, until you have to remind you of your loved ones there are no more in this world, we all have a loved one who is gone. The good news, in this case, is that you can you imagine talking to this person, get in touch with her, although she is not physically present, but with the power of imagination you can contact with any human being in this world or not. I have a friend in the us who is a widower, and everytime you want to speak with his wife, comes out at night, imagines that he is a true star, and he recites a poem of astonishing sensitivity, it is a spiritual experience, this fact seems to me fantastic because it reminds me of my parents there are no more physically in this world, but I have them in my heart always, and sometimes talk to them, as if they were alive. I have a few months that I have understood, with the help of my Mentor in online business, Carlos Gallego, the importance of the spiritual in my life dimension, which is the most important, apart from the physical, mental and emotional dimension, everything is in interaction, interconnected with other dimensions, and all have to be developed proportional. Every day when I go with my son to school, for example, we spent with the car ahead of the Church, and on this occasion, I do a little prayer, asking God to help us, I remember my parents, and I thank for the good things in my life. Giving thanks for the good in your life things, even if they are little things, attract more good things in your life, but if you focus you on things that you don’t like your life, attract more situations in which you’ll be unhappy with your current situation..

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