Myths Of The Land Market

Any sphere of human society has its stereotypes and its mythology. Not escaped this fate and the Russian land market. In this article we highlight some of the deep-rooted misconceptions and beliefs which are often guided by our fellow citizens in solving the pressing land question. The cases are based on the actual practice of customer requests in our company, so we can say about them relevance for today. As a remark it should be noted shortcomings of the Russian land legislation, the possibility of double interpretation of many of its provisions, which allows officials to to delay the solution of many problems or make ambiguous regulations, is not conducive to facilitating the procedure of obtaining necessary documents.

In doing so, often, the citizens themselves, unknowingly, complicate the above process for themselves, based on incomplete or inaccurate information. The purpose of this article – to help readers navigate the options available in the land market and expose some of its myths. Everyone who has ever engaged in registration of land ownership or the preparation of documents to deal with him, knows that one of the required documents dolzhenstvuyuschih be the seller of land is cadastral passport site (formerly called the cadastral plan). geodesic Hundreds of organizations willing to offer their services on its production and work on surveying the land. Their prices start at 2,000 rubles for a small plot in gardening, to tens of thousands of tracts of agricultural land. Addressing them, you will never hear from the staff of these firms no word on what or for titling property, nor for subsequent transactions, surveying the site is not a mandatory procedure and get himself a passport inventory you can yourself, in your neighborhood Cadastral Chamber, on average, ten days after treatment, the amount spent penny and waiting times at the end of six months surveying.

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