(NOTE: THIS IS A NOTICE OF RCNRADIO.Primary source) Hello my name is Alejandro Marulanda Tascon, Sales Manager, RCN Radio, as he had discussed the idea of sharing our extensive knowledge on how best to invest in advertising will also learn how to measure the results of your investment. Getting the opportunity to save significant sums of money and being successful at the same tiempo.La key is to choose an option that is tailored to your business. We have the formula and that is what has made us one of the largest radio chains in the formula Pa s.Esta want to share with you because we think it is time that the Media do much more for development companies in Colombia.La appointment is in the Sheraton Four Points Hotel, Calle 18 Norte No.4 N-08, Cali, Colombia.Haga click on the button below and reserve a place for this free talk, do not miss it! invest an hour of your time with experts and make your business more profitable, well worth it!

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