Convergence has been one of the words of fashion of siglo veintiuno, i.e. the tendency of uniting in a single technological equipment that promises to do all the functions requiring individual device in the past. Mobile phones are perhaps the most obvious example of this change in the market of electronic consumables. Currently, smart mobile phones can operate as digital music players, central satellite navigation systems, readers of e-books or games. Other teams, like the consoles of games or multifunction printers, are also making us easier and less crowded life. Thanks to convergence, an average office printer is capable of performing numerous functions: print, scan, photocopy, send faxes, send digital documents and stapling and stacking paper. In the past, it was necessary to buy expensive equipment for each of these tasks. Today, up to the smaller Office printers contain three essential functions: print, photocopy and scan, all in a single device that requires a modest initial outlay.

One of the biggest advantages of convergence applied to commercial printers, especially for small offices, is that multifunction printers occupy a lot less space than three machines separately, needless to say five. Since commercial photocopiers are generally very bulky, all-in-one printers can save much space to install an additional desktop, a small meeting area, a tea/coffee machine or simply leave more space for the well-being of your employees. All-in-one printer can also help prevent problems with one of the most difficult of the Office machines: fax machine. Although faxes have been mostly replaced by email, they continue to play its role in day-to-day of large companies, especially when it comes to exchange documents signed between distant places. By combining the functionality of fax with the printer, send faxes is notoriously easier and allows you to create backup copies on your computer for future reference.

Another of the advantages of using a single computer instead of many separate, and that generally is overlooked, is that it is also easier to train staff on their use and solve eventual problems that may present the artifact. It is much easier and more convenient to level costs, train staff to use a single machine made by the same manufacturer, which ensure that all learn to use different machines manufactured by different companies. Some manufacturers use interfaces that are misleading for people who are accustomed to use a competitor maker machine, which causes a myriad of problems and confusion in the work environment. Similarly, combine different teams in a single all-in-one printer can help avoid compatibility problems and reduce the chances that arise problems when different teams cease to be connected among themselves. This directly impacts on productivity, either because it It reduces the period of inactivity of the machines, as well as also achieves a more efficient operation, to perform all tasks with a single computer.

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