Personal Productivity

The knowledge was speaks about the competitiveness of enterprises, that they have to do different things, they have to be better, but it must have competitive people, which is what a person offers to your company to collaborate on it, is the wealth of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that differentiate it from the others; It can be professional, be updating, learn about the new technologies, do you what significant improvement to fact in your job?. All have skills, but we must be aware of the need to acquire new skills, since is that depends on our success most importantly now is the application of values in our behavior, to the extent that we drive us with values, will be the measure of our success, as they are: responsibility, to meet our commitments on time and with initiative; Honesty, to optimize the resources that are assigned to us; Loyalty to our company; Integrity, to be blameless people fool-proof, our family and ourselves. Be competitive not It means overcoming ourselves. To do this, we must know us, we must establish our Vision and our mission in life, how I I visualize in 5 years? How I I visualize in my old age? How I want to be remembered?. On the other hand we should do our own SWOT analysis, this is recognize our strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, in terms of the strengths we can ask ourselves for what am I very good? do I stand out?, in opportunities to reflect what opportunities I have Excel? What training opportunities I have available?, as weaknesses become aware of those areas where I can improve and last above threats think if there is any that threaten my stability. Entire company in order to be competitive at the level you want, must first have in your company a personal competitiveness in their workers, that the basis for success.

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