Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing offers many opportunities, but also some dangers. Maybe you’re also so. You hear or read in the Internet almost everywhere for social media marketing, and that you need to get started so. Social media marketing is really something amazing. Some driving swear long on it and is already complete or nearly independent of the traffic coming from Google & co.. I’ve even heard that some collect many thousand E-Mail addresses only through fan pages and the month after month. We agree, that social media marketing has to be a great thing so in principle.

Now I would like to look closer the whole thing. Because social networks also about which one perhaps little or is worry in the run-up to dangers. You should really do this. The dangers of social media marketing, Web 2.0 is a great thing. Because really everyone can add his mustard to all. Also to your products or your company. Are you even in social networks on the road and ask you, your company and your Products before so in danger you also, that discussions arise that can harm you and your company.

Such discussions occur once, then it I don’t like is, when you’re trying to suppress such discussions. Thus, it will only get worse. Of course you sit can something like that not always on you, and that forces you to react. Is one of your products rated bad, that can make the rounds very quickly and may lead your company almost in ruin. In the age of Web 2.0, customers on the recommendations of the own social environment trust. It is also quite clear. Of course I prefer to hear on a good colleague or friend as someone I even don’t know him. The whole can end up pretty bad for you by “Sharing” of information in the social media.

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