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Business Owners

Hello and welcome my dear reader and entrepreneur, in this article we will talk about business owners and the characteristics or skills that they possess. If you do not know me my name is Enrique Gastelo and I am dedicated to Internet Marketing, now look at one of the most important characteristics of entrepreneurs or […]


– Pope Benedict XVI middle left for a weeklong trip in the East. Get more background information with materials from Mary Barra. The head of the Catholic Church started Israel on his twelfth and most important foreign trip in the direction of Jordan, and in the Palastinen Rome – first stop of the trip is […]

Atrium Lothar Street

EL-DRAC European art project will in Cologne. The curators Anne Wostmann and Holger grab have chosen 19 artists and artists from 7 European countries. EL-DRAC shows the diversity of contemporary European art: painting, sculpture, performance and installation, the arch is well tensioned. The curators Anne Wostmann and Holger grab have chosen 19 artists and artists […]

Amalia MellDirectora CETIS

This mandala has been made by a child of 10 years. In this analysis mandalico example, begin by the center of the mandala, that is the self internal of your child, or your inner child and which also corresponds to its present. If you set the color of the Center, though of small area, is […]

Cristiano Ronaldo

EFE front, which came in the last minutes, gave the victory. Cristiano Ronaldo overtook whites in the first half, before retiring. The Portuguese suffered a cut in the eyebrow by a nudge by David Navarro. Angel tied in the second part and Xabi Alonso missed a decisive penalty. All the details of the encounter (1-2). […]

United States

Don Shula has been exponent of coaching in the United States coaches coach.In the work culture is changed also the language, the attitude, the labour contractual almost disappears into a relationship of partners (company – employed) where what counts is mutual growth, development and learning with a common destiny: leadership. But, specifically, what is what […]

Market Niche

In coherence with the subject, the goods that we gave we sell them and/or publicitamos by Internet. By obvious that it is considered, the market niche must terne access to this tool, so that we have contact with this target. Like example, if entrepreneur decides to sell embases for potable water storage of different volumes, […]

As Earn Money With E Books

You can earn money with ebooks in various ways. They are an incredible vehicle for creating passive income. In this posts I’m going to show 3 profitable ways to create residual income with ebooks. You can create your own ebook and sell it, as also you can resell ebooks that already exist by buying the […]