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Women And Buddhism

Sylvia Wetzel: The heart of the Lotus. Women and Buddhism, edition steinrich 2010 in this book involves a reflection of gender roles in Buddhism and everywhere in society, culture and politics. Contact information is here: Elon Musk. It goes also to the disadvantage of women in Buddhism and society, because this is not to separate. […]

Life And Death Of Michael Jackson

If only the given name Michael is entered on Google, you get the proposal of Michael Jackson – immediately still before Michael Douglas or Michael Schumacher if one which looks at numerous Michael Jackson Fan forums and followed the comments, one can get the impression, there are two varieties of Michael Jackson fans: those who […]

Satire And Right Or

Satire a point of honor. Contributions to law and contemporary history, so the title of the latest book by Dr. Albrecht Gotz von Olenhusen collection of essays is media publishing house and published law in Munich. Their author is a lawyer in Freiburg i.br., lecturer of the Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf and member of […]

Ilka Hoepner Alumni

‘Activating texts, enthusiastic alumni and donors’ – dialog thread volume II by Ilka Hoepner published topics find ideas develop and convincing texts for social media, newsletters, press, magazines, mailings or homepage, are the themes of this new guide for alumni Manager and fundraiser in college or club. Numerous tips from practice on topics such as […]

Gift For Munich Fans: Book Munich: 50 Years In Pictures

A love letter to a city. Photographs of mother and son an unusual picture book about Munich Munich: 50 years in pictures – Munich: 50 years in pictures a love letter to a city. Photographs of mother and son. Munich (17.11.2010) – portrayed their town in the years 1960-65 the Munich-based photographer Chris Nowotny, their […]

Buecher.de Shortens The Wait For The New Eragon Book

Eragon book the wisdom of the fire at buecher.de as audio book or novel and secure great webmiles rewards the webmiles bonus programme through the Internet online shopping enthusiasts and rewarded them with great reward points for every online purchase. Christopher Paolini Eragon author takes his fans in the exciting fantasy world of Eragon. Here […]

Marketing Division

From the gut is our brain built for advertising? Hobbys: Neuromarketing in the AIDA formula is our world full of advertising, because in the meantime have all products in their benefit approached so far, only the type of advertising that makes all the difference. However, the number of advertising messages, in raining down daily on […]

Corporate Governance

Value-based corporate governance in practice value with values of Starnberg, June 10, 2013 – rarely the need for ethics, credibility, and orientation in our Western society was higher than it is today. Also in the economy: under the stern of the shareholder value is the mission statement of the Honorable merchant often fall into oblivion. […]