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Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Cross-media design and community management Hamburg, 11 July 2013 pilot has a pitch the ARD budgets from the first”, the community campaigns ARD & ZDF and des Bayerischen Rundfunks defended. At the same time, the Hamburg agency group could also convince the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) in a pitch of their wide range and win new […]

Mediumsized Businesses

Agency Baumann/SMO14: Social media forum Ludwigsburg, in September 2011. Companies who only wait for social media on the subject, must expect clear disadvantages compared with their competitors. The experts of the Ludwigsburg-based consulting agency SMO14 guess just medium therefore now to take the first steps in the new Internet. “The benefits outweigh the risks”, explained […]

Wegener Proof

The most important technological breakthroughs of the last 50 years is the World Wide Web. This is the result of a nationwide survey of the expert, which is published in the anniversary issue of the magazine Bild der Wissenschaft. Proof that the genetic material in all living things equal work follows in 2nd place of […]

Marketing Manager

Altran CIS study: Marketers see majority significant optimisation potential Koblenz, October 21, 2008 – the marketing face after a survey of the consulting firm Altran CIS majority a greater pressure to succeed. At the same time, they recognize mostly but also significant opportunities in their measures to activate untapped potential for optimisation and thereby increasing […]

Bonn Tel Companies

Phone control via Web browser could remedy Mainz/Munich / Berlin – according to a recent study of the German Telefon standard AG in Mainz are dissatisfied about 75 percent of the German medium-sized companies with their telecommunications systems. The users appreciate the damage due to complicated and underutilized plants, on up to 5 billion euros […]

Europe Lichtenbroicher

The Bohme’s consulting Office offers the purchase of licenses for a computerized presentation of seminar on the topic of ‘Psychology and Motivationscoaching’. Decisive advantage for licensees is inter alia, valuable development time to create a high-quality presentation can be saved, and a ready presentation available will, on the basis of which the nationwide demanded topics […]

Customer Magazines As A PR Medium

Journalists usually better represent company many companies worry that customers can win and bind. This goes beyond ads, good prices, value-added services and products, as well as classical press work. All good means to attract customers. For an emotional bond and a long-term building of customer loyalty is but today more necessary. Here are other […]