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Paramount Pictures

On 25 November, the wait is over: the rousing fairy tale finale appears for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray the so far successful-rich and Oscar -winning * animation franchise consisting of grossed worldwide a box office of nearly $ 3 billion from four films. Millions of fans waited eagerly to the conclusion of […]

E-Mail Relationship Between Obama And Scarlett Johansson?

All time hot air the “secret” email affair there is nothing on it of course an E-Mail from the (future?) President. Who would be there not proud and would like to continue to tell it. Maybe Scarlett Johansson must have felt like, as she claimed for the first time she and the Democratic presidential candidate […]

Kate Winslet Nude And Attacked Hard From PETA

The organization raises real fur for a photo shoot to have tolerated many stars you were publicly many times by the Organization PETA insulted and offended. Main reason is wearing real fur. Many stars support however, the fight against wearing real fur, but some have not. Kate Winslet supporters instead of object of hate was […]

Fascinating Out

P: LOT are Alexander Freund, Andreas Kaufmann and Ben Argandona and opted for the medium ‘Alternative Pop’ music and its Member States. Equally the largest as well as the most outrageous to main challenge is to meet anytime, anywhere all people. Gender equality may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This applies on a […]

Breaking News: Thin Lizzy Come On Tour With Uriah Heep!

No change! (thk) Lot of smoke about nothing: the Internet message has proved just as rumored, Thin Lizzy were dropped out at short notice from their joint Germany tour with Uriah Heep! Agency and management of Anglo-American rockers (“hit: The boys are back in town”) irrevocably confirmed that everything as planned will take place. Thin […]

Shah Rukh Khan

The official unveiling of its second wax figure on the 28th, 2008 in Paris Paris on April 28, 2008: There a very early Monday morning when waiting for a small group of people on the Boulevard Montmartre before the Musee Grevin and nothing suggests is out what should happen just a few hours later here. […]

Lindsay Lohan Fights For Privacy, Her Little Sister Ali Lohan

The singer wants her sister alone will be allowed for big sisters are there – if the little sister need help, then thrown into the crowd, even if you yourself suffer. So I’m watching Lindsay Lohan, to save her little sister Ali the skin. That should have – grown namely the Townsend and that at […]

Penelope Cruz: I Am Yet Not Cute

The actress can’t believe that she is considered “beautiful” red pouty lips, dark brown DOE eyes and long brown hair – Penelope Cruz. She is probably one of the most beautiful and talented actresses who are just finding in Hollywood. And the makelose beauty as much as there is anywhere else than in Hollywood. The […]

Dreamcatcher Tour

Kate and Ben with Mark Medlock on Dreamcatcher Tour 2008 to 1 hit from both sides “and the contribution to the soundtrack of the blockbuster high school musical II” Kate and Ben go with Mark Medlock on Dreamcatcher Tour 2008. In addition to success and respect among fans, tour Stress produced but also simple hunger. […]

Eddie Murphy Soon

Until then lacked validity, then big announcement a second wedding and now no wedding? The life of Eddie Murphy and his wife, Tracey Edmonds is so turbulent. This geschiehte that all within two weeks. Now, they said the PEOPLE magazine that they will marry but not again. “After much consideration and discussion, we have reached […]