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French Revolution

Thus, Souza (1987) points that, the advent of the bourgeoisie and the industrialismo, giving origin to a new style of life; the democracy, becoming possible the participation of all the layers in the process, another mark of the elites; careers liberal and professions, deviating interest masculine of competition of fashion, that starts to be characteristic […]

Social Conditions

Necessity of Reproduction of the Social Conditions of Production a social formation or society is requested, at each moment, to produce the necessary goods to its immediate survival. However, its continuity also demands that the future possibilities of the production are guaranteed. Each social formation must be made sure of that the coming generations will […]

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage lost the purchase power very. In the government of Fernando Enrique of 1995 the 2002 when it entered for the government the minimum wage age of R$ 70,00, in 1 of May of 1995 passed to R$ 100,00.Em these eight years of government it gave of increase in the minimum wage a […]

Five Secret Buttons

In this article I want to tell you about one important element of development, which is very important in order to think effectively and achieve goals. Many things in such a subtle and interesting direction as personal growth and development are important, but stopped at one. Analysis. I'm talking about an analysis of our life, […]