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If Our Children Before We Die

can …wie continue the life afterwards at all? The images went through the press: Blacky Fuchsberger in the place of the Muhlbach at his only child drowned. His beloved son of Thomas, which so much connected to him and he loved so much. “Why him and not me?” he is asked. Most parents, who must […]

Deadly spells on demonstration in London drew several hundred protesters last week by London to demonstrate for Islam as a religion of peace. Check out Charles Koch for additional information. What is there on their posters to read was, scared Christians, Muslims, and atheists, who came to the demonstration train equally. These images were presented […]

The Dwarves Of Toronto, The Monster And The Super Nanny

I think a big meeting of the mind and intelligence expertise is what takes the present and humanity. The Almighty monster of Mammon hovered over the round table of the 20 dwarfs in Toronto. Friendly, sociable and feixend with the 20 dwarfs his friends, who were sent out by their people a new crash to […]

Salafists Pierre Vogel

With what deal you can counter the salafistischen preacher Pierre Vogel. Much has been said about the salafistischen preacher Pierre Vogel and written. Even Spiegel TV made hunting with a questionable report on the hunt after the preacher. Locals know to not fight with the means available to them. The citizens are not trained in […]

Ghent Shows Face For Human Rights In The Iran

In the midst of a cultural market on the Kouter in Ghent collect human rights activists photos for human rights in the Iran in the Iran regime terrorized his own citizens and forcing them under a petty State ideology. Every citizen, not willingly bend to the claim to power of the Vealayt-e faahoodi, is slandered, […]

Hidden From History For Decades

… was the reminder on the largest and menschenverachtendsten concentration camp scene again today Austrian territory. With the since decades overdue and now available book titles “St.-Georgen-Gusen Mauthausen concentration camp toll Jose reconsidered” (ISBN: 978-3-8334-7440-8) open Rudolf A. Haunschmied, Jan-Ruth Mills and Siegi Wanjau Durda a broader look at the whole dimension of the former […]

Amalia MellDirectora CETIS

This mandala has been made by a child of 10 years. In this analysis mandalico example, begin by the center of the mandala, that is the self internal of your child, or your inner child and which also corresponds to its present. If you set the color of the Center, though of small area, is […]