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The transformer consists of two main parts: a magnetic core and windings. Large power transformers, in addition, have the cooling system. Magnetic. Magnetic core is made from hot or cold sheet electrical steel. At the current frequency to 150 Hz magnetic core collected from the sheet steel 0.35 or 0.5 mm. Part of the magnetic […]

Theoretical Training Of Welders

With increasingly complex designs and the growth of welding plays an important role proper training – theoretical and practical – of skilled workers, welders. The manual is written in According to the State educational standards for the profession "Welder" and is designed for students of professional educational institutions to prepare the workforce of the profession. […]

System Auto

Decreased risk There are a range of measures which designed to protect people from possible contact with bare or damaged areas of cables: protective grounding, power off, leveling the potentials and conductors with double insulation. In private construction is better to use natural grounding, which are in direct contact with the ground: metal and concrete […]

Induction Furnace Metals

Induction furnaces – a setup that use induction heating for melting metals (or other materials). Induction furnaces are used not only in huge factories, but on small plants. Induction furnaces used in industry are: – coreless induction furnace – channel induction furnaces. Coreless induction furnace consists of an inductor and of the crucible. Crucible made […]