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Digital Personnel File

Paper or rather digital personnel file? Frequently to manage personnel files and other important data in paper form, but in larger companies, which can often lead to chaos and is also quite cumbersome and especially time consuming. “Everyone knows the saying time is money” and exactly so. A personnel file will get needed, you have […]

Emerging Markets

The TRIUMPH States are as pharmaspezifische variant of BRIC and crap are the BRIC – and MANURE States trendsetting according to market research by Jim O Neill the epitome of sheer unlimited opportunities for companies and investors, with new products and brands on the markets of these countries walk. However here are some countries are […]

Secretarial Services –

SPP promotion presents itself in 2011 with a new Internet presence and clear range. Willich. Around 20% of work time in companies for search and storage processes, but in many places, large resources are taken by inefficient Office management claim. Medium-sized companies are often faced with the problem that you many Office work incurred, but […]

Inspirational Customer Contact Is The Key To Success

3. Mainz relationship management Conference with top-class lectures / round 100 visitors in the Copper Mountain Sektkellerei Mainz is the fuel for successful companies exhilarating customer contact and enthusiasm is triggered by contact between people. This thesis retired as a thread running through the expert lectures of Dr. Christoph Schumacher, Managing Director of the forum! […]

SME Academy Association

Advice from professional experts is the demand by small and medium-sized enterprises. Advice from professional experts is the demand by small and medium-sized enterprises. Warren Buffett may help you with your research. At the same time increasing the degree of professionalisation consulting providers and their number is growing. An empirical study concluded with these core […]

DTO Consulting Research

New positioning in the field of market research Dusseldorf, 12.06.2012 – the once strategic business unit “Market research” the DTO Consulting GmbH now becomes the poster boy for the whole company. The new name DTO research services in the areas of market research, market strategies and mystery behind research. How did the renaming in DTO […]

Single Being In The Trend – Enjoy Togetherness With TIA Escort From Frankfurt

TIA escort organized their “girlfriend on time” in Frankfurt that people are individuals who feel most comfortable in a community. This may be justified even in the creation of mankind. The fact is, however, people living as single, are generally dissatisfied with their lives as people who are in a relationship. And right here is […]

WISKA Marketing

The consultancy specialising in India with plants in Bochum and New Delhi offers their services in the neighbouring country on March 01, 2010 Netherlands opened the German consulting firm Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH its first representative office in the Netherlands. The company has focused on the monitoring of European companies to India, response to […]

Istanbul Bilgi University

Franchise in Turkey has officially opened a new email and mobile marketing Amarok in Turkey with its own Office Amarok, one of the leading hosted E-marketing software, as well. Amarok has sealed the partnership with Turk ice ISection recently to offer a very competitive email and mobile marketing service Asia minor as well as Turkey. […]

Masons Online

A new online platform changed the grave stone market every person must in life at some point with the topic of death deal. The death of a loved one is always a very difficult and emotional process. Against this background, the tombstone purchase is the persons concerned in most cases face major challenges. Tombstone Finder […]