Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing is the most interactive marketing available today, establishes instant conversation with potential customers. Every entrepreneur knows that the two-way communication using the telemarketing is powerful and productive job that provides immediate results and the opportunity to convert customers to potential customers. In Ansafone we provide international quality Telemarketing services. Our team of professional consultants of telemarketing will assist you at the beginning of his campaign for telemarketing, in audits, redesign, training of agents, Center calls, analysis, improvement strategies, systems of quality control, improvement of reports and technology integration. Our services include both, calls inbound Telemarketing services and Telemarketing services for outgoing calls. Although there are differences between these two services, both point to the same goal, which is to generate sales and provide support to our customers. Service Telemarketing calls Incoming is the most easy and economical method of communication. It has numerous benefits, including higher volumes of sales, higher incomes, an improvement in the generation of potential customers, one larger number of interviews with clients, an increase in the database of clients, a greater number of sales and telephone maximum productivity.

Many companies and other organizations use telemarketing services in other countries where it is usually more economical. All these services are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Outgoing calls service has been used since the invention of the telephone, much earlier than the service of incoming calls. These services are more economical and easy to use. Telephone sales today outweigh the direct mail as a means of advertising for businesses. Outgoing calls for Telemarketing service provides us with the opportunity to make sales calls, improve orders of mail, explore possibilities or accelerate the flow of capital to the Organization through the collection of accounts without paying. Outgoing calls service can also be used to create sales traffic, make appointments with sales representatives and potential customers and even to sell products to customers who have canceled their orders again.

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