The Cathedral Basilica

Being the capital, Manizales is a road axis of particular importance. In the today are carried out important buildings of road mesh, avenues, elevated bridges, shopping malls and hypermarkets that will give greater dynamism to this city. There are multiple routes of buses, vans and collectives to allow scroll to any neighborhood in the city with tours that take up to an hour for the farthest points as La Linda at the western end and malting plant in the East. Manizales is located in the Centre of the three main cities of Colombia, in the so-called golden triangle. The distance between Manizales and Bogota is 290 km. There are 180 km from Manizales to Medellin and there are 384 km between Manizales and Cali. It is also well-connected with neighboring cities of Pereira and Armenia through the highway of the coffee. Manizales has a domestic airport called airport la Nubia.

This airport has a runway of about 1,400 meters and provides its services from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. due to changing climate conditions, it is often closed due to low visibility; for this reason it is currently building a new airport designed to receive both national and international flights. Due to weather conditions the use of the mobile is complicated since the difficulty of being able to call or send messages is high, therefore also new more powerful antennas being built. Manizales is a city eminently cultural and diverse in this regard.

There are several libraries include those belonging to different universities. In terms of museums stand out: the Museum of the gold from the Bank of the Republic, which sets out various pre-Colombian pieces; The Museum of Natural History (Universidad de Caldas); the Museum of art (University of Caldas); the Archaeological Museum (Universidad de Caldas), botanical gardens (University of Caldas), the Museum of Natural History (Universidad de Caldas) and the Museum of science and the game (Universidad Nacional de Colombia). There are also exhibition rooms, among which: the art gallery of fine arts; the Bank of the Republic; the Cafetero Cultural Fund; the Museum of art of Caldas; Confamiliares; Institute of culture and Expoferias.La Caldas Manizales architecture integrates influences from different eras, creating a very particular style, not only in its formal expression, but also in the use of local materials such as the bamboo and wood, which conform to the difficult topography and seismicity of the region. As a consequence, also born called Republican architecture (a name which takes neoclassical forms of national architecture). Its architecture stresses the Basilica Cathedral, made of iron and concrete, leaving the tradition of his time of wooden churches. The Cathedral Basilica is Gothic in its exterior and has vaulted (warhead) style frames. This Cathedral is under the patronage of our Lady of the Rosary.

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