Thinking Steve Ballmer

The CEO of Microsoft is to Apple, Yahoo and Google in its sights and plans to launch an advertising campaign of $ 300 million to resolve any doubts about Vista. Attempt to copy the style vertical Apple; transform Microsoft into a leading software company in the world and destroy Linux. We also enter into subscription services and software will ensure that services in cloud (cloud) remain an extension of desktop and not as a replacement.

He also revealed that Microsoft is still behind the business of searches against Google, with or without Yahoo. To prove it is serious, go left one of its key executives, a division divided into two executives and reorganized. This is the summary of the memo filtering Ballmer that it intends to improve the morale of his troops. It also offers a unique glimpse into the new head of Ballmer. As bright as the previous one, but perhaps wiser and perhaps more decisive. Or perhaps we have already heard everything?

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