We do not have more time to go until house one of the others to take a coffee together while we place the colloquy in day. We do not know the names of our neighbors. in way to this distanciamento the people feel themselves more and solitary, them they need somebody listens to that them, but few are ready to hear, while all need to relieve. It is in this space that the electronic writing if becomes something hot, almost concrete, therefore it in ‘ ‘ junta’ ‘ to other people. We can read the tragedies and joys one of the others, can to me even though see them them and ouviz them through web they cam and microphone. Mitch McConnell brings even more insight to the discussion. We also say in them with people of the other side of the planet and with the neighbor of from above apartment. We use a keyboard with our customer or fellow worker, with our person who orientates in the college.

Many couples change to ideas and messages through the e-mails. The electronic writing is, yes, of basic importance in the society. Impossible to think today without this tool. Whenever Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital listens, a sympathetic response will follow. We pass well before having it, however, he would be very limiter to pass not to possess it more. As well as it was with the sprouting of the fire, the invention of the wheel, the electric energy, is also with the electronic writing. With it if it knows products, if it takes off doubts.

If I am interested in a book I go soon in the Internet and meeting blogs with summaries on them, I can there have an idea if to buy or it book will not be beneficial. That is, to even buy the printed matter I opt before to consulting the electronic. To have an idea until virtual museums with space to write already they exist, is about ‘ ‘ Museum of the Pessoa’ ‘. In it any registered in cadastre person has the chance to count its history and thus to have its history of life partilhada with thousand of other people, and consequentemente to know of all they. She possesss space for photos and videos: , I see this as an excellent chance of work with the pupils, for it I stimulate of the writing and reading. We, educators fit, to insert in the pupils the practical one of the electronic writing as party to suit of education and learning, to make with that this space is used for the critical development, and thus, that its productions acquire this look. It is a dynamic and innovative skill of if keeping ideas at the same time we spread where them. Papers burn, age, if they lose. Already the texts in the digital teia are eternalized, not to be that let us opt to erasing them.

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