Types Of Wallpaper

Types of Wallpaper Stores Wallpaper domestic market – today is the vast ocean, swimming in which no special knowledge of a rather complex exercise that say nothing about the implementation of their goals. What to buy wallpaper? As to choose an appropriate wallpaper for home and office? On that first pay attention? Let's start with simple definitions. Wallpaper for walls – it rolled material for interior walls, which is sealed with surface with glue. Given that these different wallpaper base (paper or non-woven), and depending on the decorative outer layer, wallpaper on the walls can be divided into several groups. Here are some of them. Paper wall paper wallpaper – it's cheap enough decorative material, so they can be quick and painless for the family budget to update the look of the room. Paper wallpaper used in areas where low pollution and humidity: living rooms, offices, bedrooms and children.

We do not recommend gluing paper-based wallpaper in the bathrooms and closets, hallways and kitchens, because they do not outsource the excess moisture and also resistant to mechanical damage. Paper wallpaper available in two forms: simplex (single) or duplex (double layer). And the simplex and duplex wallpaper you'll find a directory of German factory wallpaper Rasch. Vinyl Vinyl wallpaper wallpaper – wallcoverings of paper-based vinyl-coated with different densities, which gives increased strength of wallpaper and moisture. These wallpaper on the walls have higher performance.

Dense and elastic – free vinyl perfectly washed and cleaned with a damp sponge or regular brush. Durable service life of 15 years, can not be exposed to sunlight and resist fading. Vinyl wallpaper from the master Wallpaper Manufacturers Rash can be completely confident in their environmental and health safety. Non-woven wallpaper Flizelinovye wallpaper is available in two variations: wallpaper without impurities of pure fleece and wallpapers non-woven and vinyl. Fleece is made of pressed fibers from paper and fabric reinforced with a special binder composition. As a result of non-woven wallpaper synthesis are very durable and resistant to abrasion. Paintable wallpaper – is a kind of wallpaper that require additional color after sticking. They are made on the basis of diverse with the addition of materials such as fiberglass, paper, synthetic or non-woven. Advantage of these wallpapers can be identified that these wallpapers are available for painting in rolls with a larger width than the other wallpaper for the walls.

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