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A recommendation is the key to success for your affiliate system, have you noticed that, when we need to buy some product, we always consult if someone has already tried it?. A blog is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to start selling products on the internet, although it is true that many affiliate programs tell you that it is not necessary to have a Web page, it is highly recommended to have a blog so that people start to know yourself and to have confidence in you. The majority of the people decides to buy a product once someone has recommended it, the importance of giving a good recommendation is vital to the success of your business. The power of Word of mouth has been manifested in various situations, both to recommend how to scupper a disservice. then if its power is such conviertelo in your favor.

Make recommendations for your affiliate products on your blog, create a relationship of trust with your readers, recalls that in addition to the benefits of the product is also necessary to show the disadvantages or cons that may have an opinion honest it will be very well appreciated. When promotions your products, put yourself in the place of your visitor and ayudalo to feel comfortable, people don’t like to sell him but love to buy, they like to feel that they are decision-makers, so give a truthful, prudent and necessary information will help greatly to make the sale. Never forget that your visitor leaves your page without leaving your mail, put subscription forms on all your pages, offers some free report with valuable information on the topic of product you offer, remember that capture the attention of the customer must be within the first 8 seconds of arrival to your page, a good title helps a lot. Don’t lose subscribers, sending direct traffic to the page of the seller, the first dirigelos to your capture page and then redireccionas to the page of the seller. On a first visit conversion is minimal so you create an email marketing campaign that allows you to insist on product and also send valuable information to your subscriber, you It will allow a good track, achieve the confidence on the part of your reader, and potential future sales. Remember send emails with relevant information of the product, if necessary you can contact the seller and ask for extra material that can provide to hasten the sale, many of them producing free videos, unique reports, video conferences or seminars that help in your promotion. The recommendations are not sales arguments, must be genuine and sincere views of your insights on the product you are offering.

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