Window Decorations

For window decorations using decorative elements, such as: blinds, shutters, blinds or curtains. The very notion of 'blind' refers to its most popular types – horizontal or vertical. The materials used are aluminum, plastic, fabric or wood. They also can be attributed not so common types of blinds – roller blinds fabric (roller blinds) and pleated blinds. Vertical blinds have appeared in the mid 20 th century and is still their popularity is only growing.

They are able to cover large, wide window space on that are unable to standard e-Horizontal blinds. At the moment there is a large range of fabrics for vertical blinds, the colors and texture which makes it successfully apply them indoors – a vacation home, office or apartment. For offices in a modern elegant style, with plastic and / or metal, it is better to pick up the blinds. When designing the interior should be pay attention to the compatibility of used colors, patterns and textures, fabrics and materials between each other, and their overall compatibility with the interior space. Manufacturing quality blinds manifested in the lung Traffic tissue.

Management should take place easily and without the use of force, lamellas or should not twist and bend as they move along the eaves. Horizontal blinds – a modern form of blinds (wood), which were known since the Middle Ages, they consist of horizontal slats turn is controlled by a special rod. With the control column, they are raised and collected over a window (eaves). They can used alone or combined with draperies or curtains. Blinds do not prevent entry of fresh air through open windows – fresh air, you always provided, and hides unsightly street or neighboring Construction and otpostoronnih eyes. Among its working properties of the most important sustainability tissue processing and washing: tissue accumulates dust and periodically must be cleaned and washed – very carefully by soaking in water powder.

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