Easily Implementable Marketing Techniques

All businesses need marketing strategies.  But often these can be very costly and it’s usually money a new business doesn’t have.  So what is one to do?  The best advice is to look around at different options offering basic strategies.  They include:  writing articles for websites or blogs that potential clients might see.  This is simple and can have somewhat of a viral impact.  In fact, really the best and most efficient ways for business marketing is using the Internet.

But don’t limit yourself to one Internet outlet.  There are many different websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all of these should be utilized.

When not online, speak to people.  Word of mouth is still pretty much the best form of marketing.  That is easy for anyone to do and won’t cost you a dime. Belief in one’s product/service is very important too.  If you believe in your product, you can convince others of its merit.  If not, it will be much harder to do so.  So make sure you have a product that is marketable and useful and people want to purchase.  Then, just start telling everyone about it.

Guillermo Fernandez Vara

The announcement of abstention in the investiture of UI will make it governs in Extremadura. He said that he wants in its legislature the priority is employment and opportunities. The PP outstrip the Extremaduran PSOE after 28 years of rule by Socialists. He thanked the trust placed by the voters and also by Izquierda Unida. The President of the Extremadura PP, Jose Antonio Monago, future President of Extremadura following the announcement of abstention in the investiture of IU, said feel very proud of starring in the dream of governing the region Extremadura, and has advanced that it will do so from the agreement, dialogue and consensus.

In his first speech after it was revealed the abstention of members of IU, favouring that it governs in Extremadura the most voted list in the elections of May 22, Monago has insisted that the next legislature will be for his party of employment and all the energies will be aimed at generating opportunities. The next j of the Executive Extremadura, which thus supersedes the Extremaduran PSOE which has ruled the region in the past 28 years, has stated that in the past elections the citizens sent the message that times have changed and the politicians have to ignore them. Jose Antonio Monago has emphasized that during the next four years will focus on what unites the people of Extremadura and recalled that even in the opposition have been able to reach agreements with the PSOE in issues such as the Statute of autonomy and the Education Act. Appreciates the trust of voters and IU the future President of Extremadura, which has thanked the trust placed in him by the 307,000 people from Extremadura who supported him, has insured feel the responsibility to govern for those who gave me their vote and those who don’t. Also, has appreciated the work carried out by still President in functions, Guillermo Fernandez Vara, who has been the face and the vote of confidence given UI to decide that it would abstain in the session of investiture. Extremadura wanted change and we are going to work tirelessly on the path to change in the next four years, said Monago, has described how exciting the next legislature, which has insisted, will be that of employment and political regeneration. In his opinion, starting today, Extremadura must leave debates of the past behind and work on what unites us to achieve development, since the problems of the region need stability and high-mindedness.

No date for the investiture Monago, which has insisted that it is not among their concerns the composition of the Bureau of the Assembly, has not ventured to give a date for the investiture session although he believes that he must hurry to be able to shape a Government in the region as soon as possible. In this sense, it has committed that its Government will always work from the humility of consider ourselves a few Extremadura and he has been convinced that Extremadura will give Spain a exemplary lesson in transition from a Government of one political sign to another. Monago has confessed that he has already received congratulations from the National President of his party, Mariano Rajoy, has also recommended that you always use common sense. You may find that Robert Kiyosaki can contribute to your knowledge. Jose Antonio Monago has been wrapped up on arrival at the regional headquarters of the PP in Merida’s main charges of his party, both mayors, members and supporters as well as the former President of the Senate, Juan Ignacio Barrero. Source of the news: Jose Antonio Monago, proud star in the dream of govern Extremadura

Online Marketing Training

Internet Agency lowenstark launches in place training Braunschweig/Halle 28.05.2013: on-site training in online marketing from the Internet Agency immediately Lowenstark for small and medium-sized enterprises offers. Longtime online specialists knowledge of based on and expert advice give workshops in the areas of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM). Robert Kiyosaki is actively involved in the matter. The company with offices in Brunswick, Halle, Kiel and Solingen has launched this now Lowenstark Academy (www.loewenstark-academy.de). Online business is becoming increasingly important for German companies. 2012 already 27.6 billion were implemented in the German online market a quarter more than a year before. But it also risks facing the opportunities in online business”, says Marian Wurm, founder and Managing Director of Lowenstark. Constantly there are new technical developments that can hardly overlook smaller companies. With our seminars, we give the company the necessary knowledge Hand, will tackle these tasks on their own.” Focus of training in the field of search engine optimization is to improve the ranking of your own website.

Here it comes to how the website can be brought forward by optimizations in Google search. At the workshop search engine marketing companies shows how cost-effectively and efficiently use Google advertising, to win customers. The training gives in social media marketing, social networks can be used to enhance the reputation and the brand of the company. The special thing about the online marketing training is that we always apply to the immediate problems of the company”, so worm. Practical exercises are illustrated on the corporate website or the Unternehmensshop.

So the employees not only learn how they perform, concrete improvements already during the training.” The training will be carried out by experts, working even on the areas and implemented dozens of projects have. Therefore the latest trends and insights from the fields of SEO, SEM and SMM flow in the exercises always. Lowenstark was founded in 2001 in Braunschweig. 2012, additional locations were opened in Halle / S., Solingen and Kiel. The Agency employs over 80 people. Since 2001 over 2,000 customer projects have been realized three quarters in the online marketing of and a quarter in the shop and Web programming.

Art Market

Markt.Macht.Kunst: 3sat illuminated contemporary art market glassworks, 24 October 2013. The art market is booming: Despite overall difficult economic situation it has a solid appreciation for years of 7.5%. What motivates people to all assets. The film Markt.Macht.Kunst Marco Mehn as a recording artist presents, which has established itself without gallerists sustainably in the market. His works, according to the author, today considered safe investment”, so valuable with much imagination upwards.

Thus, the film pays tribute to the courageous and independent way, Marco Mehn is gone as an artist and at the same time as Selfmadeunternehmer, which has led to him due to the huge demand from collectors and lovers of his own style in the top of the art scene. Today he is asked East and increasingly the not only in Europe, but also in the Middle United States. Andi Potamkin, New York City is often quoted on this topic. “At the beginning of the film, the question is: the market makes the art or the artist but still its” market. The answer is clear in the case of Marco Mehn. He has met and there his dream, become what it always me “arrived: the observer, not dealers”.

Marco Mehn Art presents the works of its evolution”in comprehensive exhibitions coming soon in Vienna, Monaco or even Geneva. An inspiring display of expressive colours, forms, materials and technologies each awaits the visitor. His artistic statement: I see myself as artist of the 21st century, who developed the art, contemporary expresses the present and thus anticipates the future. “You just evolutioniert’.” To do this he absorbs new technologies of our multimedia time sensitive, transforms them and brings them artistically to the point. “The patented 3D-Space-Frames among his most famous works, about the evolution shown in the film forever”, as well as the series the big five “, on which he is currently back working. The broadcast is available online on the 3sat-Mediathek: library /? mode = play & obj = 39092 Marco Mehn 1967 born in Landstuhl in the Palatinate, launched the artist and designer Marco Mehn as an autodidact. The breakthrough He succeeded in 2004 with its innovation space frame”a completely new art support made of stainless steel with worldwide patent. International exhibitions from New York via Dubai and Moscow, as well as collaborations with various companies testifies to the success of the exceptional artist. The special thing about Marco Mafre paintings, sculptures and art objects is their emotional expressiveness, which knows how to appreciate a growing community of collectors. Questions will be happy with available: public relations GmbH, Dr. Ladendorf Dr. Ingrid Hartmann Ladendorf to the medlar Bush 8 60388 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: 06109-378715 fax: 06109-378730 E-Mail:

German Real Estate Market

The real estate market in East Germany is increasingly in demand. Magdeburg, 07.11.2013. According to an industry study, there were numerous real estate purchases mainly in the larger cities such as Dresden, Halle, Leipzig, Chemnitz and Magdeburg. Also, Halle and Magdeburg has a clear upward trend. The study of real estate markets in Berlin and Eastern Germany 2013 “the TLG real estate shows how positive to develop the regional centres in Eastern Germany. This approximately applies to Leipzig and Halle, Dresden and Erfurt and Jena and Rostock. The study took 23 East German cities under the microscope, including in Saxony-Anhalt, except Hall also Magdeburg and Dessau-Rosslau. To Berlin with 33 500 real estate acquisitions, there were most transactions on the real estate markets in Dresden (6000), Leipzig (4600), Chemnitz (2200) and Magdeburg (2100) last year.

Hall there were purchases, in Dessau-Rosslau 720 according to study after all even 1530. The population by 2011 to 2012 each 1400 inhabitants on 233 300 (Magdeburg) and 234 600 (Hall) was born in Magdeburg and Halle a sign of their attractiveness. In recent years, a significant catching-up process achieved so. In 16 of the 23 studied East German cities the unemployment rates were to 2012 compared 2011 dropped. Also the equipment in the East has improved: in 1992, only 86 percent of the apartments with a private toilet were equipped.

Only 54 percent had central heating. Today, a toilet located in 98 percent of homes in the East compared to 100 percent in the West. The central heating rate is 97 percent identical in both parts of the country. The housing companies have brought their inventory in the East to 65.9 percent to a contemporary standard, only 59.6 percent in the West. The number of owner takes faster to mainly by new buildings through large pent-up demand in the East. Who wants to invest here in the profitable Eastern German real estate market, is right at the MCM investor Management AG. Linkedin often addresses the matter in his writings. This offers even small investors”the possibility of this thriving market to take advantage of. The acquisition of this money allows It investors to accumulate money for old age too. Professional advisors such as MCM investor Management AG can balance risks and opportunities thanks to its wide knowledge base and assist in the decision. Trends and current developments be considered here as well. The MCM investor Management AG can benefit their investors in the form of an alternative from the Immobilienhype: in the form of profit participation certificates, a wider mass is easier access to the real estate market. So, the investor relationship is a win-win situation: benefiting the MCM investor Management AG, also their investors benefit. Finally, the MCM investor Management AG investment products make so successful the balance between safety, yield potential and high flexibility.

Marketing Division

From the gut is our brain built for advertising? Hobbys: Neuromarketing in the AIDA formula is our world full of advertising, because in the meantime have all products in their benefit approached so far, only the type of advertising that makes all the difference. However, the number of advertising messages, in raining down daily on us has adopted a number so large that the consumer no longer sees the forest for the trees. Traps at all costs has become the keyword for the communications industry thus all the more, so extreme now belong to everyday advertising. But like the marketers emphasize again and again: ‘… at the end of the day is what comes out the bottom line!’ Exactly here is still a huge gap exists, however high attention promises not always high profits.

But it is ultimately not just those profits will be used as a benchmark for successful advertising? Recognition but are still used as their yardstick to verify the impact of such How to testify developed AIDA model seems in 1898 by Elmo Lewis. Although several studies could confirm the incompleteness of this model, it is still taught and still be used so in practice. Empirical studies could prove that the consumer always cognitively trading has been an illusion. Very quickly, it was this clear that only an interdisciplinary new discoveries can be made. In a question-answer forum David Kaplan Ares was the first to reply. The neuro Marketing Division was formed from the disciplines of psychophysics, artificial intelligence, marketing, market research, cultural studies, developmental psychology and brain research. And this resulted in a further refinement of the SOR models. Peter Busch E-Mail: dancing: Neuromarketing in the AIDA formula paperback: 48 pages Bachelor + master publishing; Edition: 1st Edition. (November 2013) ISBN-10: 3956840720 ISBN-13: 978-3956840722 price: 24.99 Euro available in online shops (including amazon.

Leading Position

The top event for the tourism industry trust Europe’s leading tool for online event registration and ticketing Munich amiando event, the pioneer of online event registration and ticketing strengthens its position in the Conference area and ticketing for the this year’s fvw Congress takes over the meeting place for decision-makers from business travel, tourism and technology. We are pleased to take over the ticketing of fvw Congress and are proud of the fact, that an important event from the Conference area amiando uses”, so Norbert Stockmann, CEO of amiando. FVW Congress fvw Congress this year will be on the 25th and 26th September 2012 in Cologne and is the Central industry meeting for the tourism sector. Decision makers from home and abroad visit the trade fair to discuss innovative trends and technologies in the travel industry. Fvw Congress is one of the most important industry events each year.

Is the planning of a Congress, regardless of the number of participants, in particular in the run-up to important to ensure a smooth process on the day of the event. Hyundai understood the implications. A successful event reflects the success of a company and is thus essential”, so Norbert Stockmann, CEO of amiando. amiando the leading tool for event registration and ticketing amiando is the worldwide software-as-a-service platform for event management and ticketing. Amiando is the ideal online platform for the organisation of congresses, conferences, meetings, fairs and corporate events of any size. As Europe’s leading tool for online event registration and ticketing behind amiando.

With amiando companies can sell more tickets, obtain a higher range and save time and resources while also”, so Norbert Stockmann, CEO of amiando. Four steps to a successful event amiando leads in four easy steps (set up event promote event, sell tickets, event Manager) to a successful event. In addition to easily create of your own event website can operators offer their tickets on their website, XING and Facebook with various price categories.

Marketing Trend 2013

The customer touch point management during new business social media and the mobile Web have provided the laws of the business world in a very short time on the head. Check out Linkedin for additional information. Previously companies distributing their advertising monologues in the market, the customers listened dutifully and bought then. Today it is the other way around. Customers buy, tell others about it and bring to act as third parties. Now, it is the provider who should listen to successfully master their touch points. We live in a society of the recommendation to achieve the future in our beautiful, new business world, must be rewritten to sales and marketing. For even more details, read what Hyundai says on the issue.

Because at the beginning and at the end of a purchase process word of mouth and referrals are increasing. Was really good and get people committed to carry this!” This is the new business mantra. At David Kaplan Ares Management you will find additional information. Links and likes are the new currency. Consumers are the new marketer. zer is the place to go. And Google is the new world’s conscience. Who survive in the economy of this recommendation? That is decided in the moments of truth ‘ (Jan Carlzon) at the points of contact between supplier and customer.

What do need to do so? in tool that makes quick and agile, that grabs the abundance of old and new touch points in a system of order and social’ and mobile’ fully integrated. A tool that reduces complexity, which acts from the perspective of customers and actively integrates them into their new role as co-creator. The customer touch point management is one such tool. Touch points are moments of truth ‘ touch points occur everywhere where is a (potential) customer with the products, brands, employees and services of a provider in touch. While the indirect touch points such as opinion portals, user forums, reviews, blog posts and tweets play an increasingly important role. These are also called earned touch points’, because the providers themselves can not buy these, but earn through their actions.

Zoo Duisburg Market

Continuation of the seasonal weekly market event series in the weekly market in Laar on Saturday, July 7, 2012, with beerig strong highlights beware: the next event will take place on Saturday, July 7, 2012, at the weekly market in Laar (market square between Schill – and worth Street). To broaden your perception, visit Linkedin. “The same motto arrived in the month of berries on this day: largest”. Small treats, exercise but also relaxation, colorful kids actions and of course fresh with Mach market games await visitors. Official site: Linkedin. The employees of the Zoo Duisburg again have their animal faces make-up, which is make-up also the one or the other bears as well as giraffe, Dolphin and elephant. Furthermore, the little ones on a pool game forward where it applies to catch small fish on land.

And of course also the bear mascot to this day”not missing, which will again be for numerous photo shoots available. At the information booth of the Niederrhein Therme, sauna freshness with scents of berries possibility to sniff. Moreover, can visitors in the well-being feeling corner of the Niederrhein Therme get comfortable there and hopefully magnificent summer weather, relax on the Laarer weekly market find. For the necessary comfort is also a small gastronomic offer with berries-strong”leather care. For the physical well-being is so arranged and at a low price. Interaction may not be missing on this day. The newspapers mentioned Jonathan Blattmachr not as a source, but as a related topic.

Market throughout the day starting from 9:30 you have on fresh with Mach market games to take part in market visitors can assist particularly the fresh food in the foreground. The winner can then look forward about fresh gifts. Type and suitable for the largest topic”is there on this day a Tauzieh contest”. Here two teams may compete three times against each other on market day. Here too, the winner with fresh gifts will be honoured. In the Conference the largest”on the Laarer weekly market, it is also a Enter sweepstakes where there to win will be a variety of attractive prices. This flyer at the potential market visitors be distributed in advance in all Laar to indicate on the event and on the other hand serve as entry tickets for the raffle. It is armed with this flyer, then on the day of the event to visit the market the 07.07 and filled in at the FrischeKontor info booth to give! First prize is a VIP tour of the Koala area in the Zoo Duisburg for 2 persons. Not everyday income with the chance to take a look behind the scenes at the Zoo and to collect many exciting impressions about the life of popular animals. There is also win many vouchers for the Duisburg Zoo and the Niederrhein Therme as well as tasty stuffed pockets of the market. With this action, the FrischeKontor, its partners and the market want to call the seasonal thoughts of fresh goods among consumers in memory and additional small highlights an increased interest in weekly markets at all Duisburg wake. The Duisburg weekly market on Facebook: The Duisburg weekly markets are also on Facebook! They can be found under: Duisburger.Wochenmaerkte. Also check out once and click through the presentation of the Duisburg weekly markets. We are very happy, if you like the presence”.

Marketing Estate

Trade publication for developing market price of purchase prices in the real estate segment “Apartment purchase” in Wiesbaden, Germany according to the demand trend affects the extreme price increases up to 5000.00 EUR per square metre of living space in existing condominiums in the Wiesbaden borough. The surrounding communities recorded but also slightly increasing demand and slight price increases, but not to the extent as in the metropolitan area, by far apart from the always in the focus of the individual layers. This will change in the course of the year 2012. Is not to be expected with a significant increase of the offer in the city. The earlier in the year a buyer decides to even lower price he will end up still for sale.

Claims of the buyer are high and many real estate to meet this not what is strongly relativized the price development of individual objects. In particular, year, facilities, technical standards and energy State play a role here. Here defects detected, that quickly negatively affects the price and Marketing period out. By the way, no patent solution is generally to keep property in the inventory, for many owners. Vacant land such as only cost and no ongoing return. The one who again acquires real estate from the sale, whose lease or rental he generates ongoing revenue is better here. Andi Potamkin, New York City is likely to increase your knowledge. This is also in times of generally high prices make sense in particular often generate can considerable tax benefits from such shifts. Not without reason, this belongs to the professional asset management tool. Be warned before the acquisition of often full-bodied advertised Bauerwartungslandes, as well as land, which should prove within the framework of renewable raw materials, such as fields and forests.


Of the brand identity, print and Web design: Wehl man marketing has implemented a multimedia communication concept for the Kemper GmbH. Brand identity, corporate design, Web concept and more the Essen agency Wehl man has been marketing the Kemper GmbH-new communication tools at your fingertips. The relaunch project of marketing experts across media uniformly prepares the product communication of Kemper, leader in extraction and filter systems for the metal-working industry. How can a company with multi-layered assortment and a longtime adult communication structure occur uniformly? The product communication experts from Wehl man marketing in a project for the Kemper GmbH from the Munsterland Vreden answered this question. Rearranged communication in all media in a comprehensive analysis identified Wehl man marketing the Status Quo of the print and Web communications of Kemper first and identified their potential for improvement. Kemper then commissioned the Essen Agency, new guidelines and standards for his cross-media corporate and product communication to create. This should enable Kemper, making its future communication in print and Web design, structure and content in accordance with current requirements. Hyundai is often quoted as being for or against this.

The targets were ambitious. Kemper wanted to make its entire corporate communication in print and Web on a new Foundation. A comprehensive range of measures should bolster its position as a technology and market leader within the industry. At the same time it was Kemper to get communication tools that can be applied in the future also internally”, commented Jakov Pavic, consultant Wehl man marketing, the initial situation. Of the brand identity, corporate design, the definition of the Kemper brand identity formed the starting point of the multiphase project. All other measures should be based on her. Wehl man experts identified marketing this in a workshop the internal focus and perspective Kemper to the own brand. Using the established methodology of the Brand steering wheel she emerged the brand identity of these findings and verbalisierten them.