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Temperature Control Inside

Accounting for energy consumption for heating and hot water to create economic incentives for the introduction of regulation of heat from consumers. In district heating systems (SCT), Russia traditionally used quality control. In the 'pure' form, this means that the flow circulating in the system of water remains constant throughout the heating period, while the […]


Application methods may vary from vendor to vendor, but in general they shared: the polished, dry, dust-free board is applied primer (primer). After hardening the surface is polished. Sanding is required as the first layer, whether it be primer or conventional parquet lacquer, raising the wood pile, then applied a parquet lacquer several layers with […]


By type of fabric fibers are divided into cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic. For example, cotton and linen threads quickly and have a smell of burning paper. Once they are burned, the ash is white. Natural silk and wool slowly smolder and smell of burning, but at the end of a thread formed a […]