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House Sweepstakes

Germany awake! -What media have the courage to help??? This has awakened the new real estate market, it was often reported. Now, it is important that the market is better known. Some media have realized that House sweepstakes are useful and reported. Now, we need assistance in the publication of the political situation, so that […]

Agency Marketing

Networks are recommended as “XING (click here!) Picturetom (click here!) Everyday of a photo producer (click here!) Freelancer (click here!) Image works 3 (click here!) DJV (Journalists Association (click here!) BVPA (click here!) You are looking for good sites for market observation there are many sites on the Internet that deal with the topic of […]

New Marketing Director

Heilbronn, 02 November 2009 Marco Krahmer now the head of marketing at the software developer SYNCING.NET took over. SYNCING.NET supports small and medium-sized firms and a network of self-employed and private users as a developer of the software when exchanging data. Outlook data as well as Windows folders without an own server can the program […]

Christmas Market

The town square in Bad Griesbach – old town boasts wild traditions, fairy magic and musicians of extraordinaire Bad Griesbach and the Kurplatz in Bad Griesbach Therme are decorated with Christmas trees, lights and Christmas huts and provide a festive setting for events with the concerts in the open air. Bad Griesbach is thus a […]

The Online Christmas

Large Christmas shop at the online photo service PhotoBox Hamburg, November 20, 2009 the first Christmas markets open in the German city centres and also in the Internet! Although the mulled wine booth and the burnt almonds are missing on the net, for the Online Christmas shopping offers warm fingers, a dry keyboard and relaxed […]

United States Applications

Although they will continue sharing content, but the mentality of telling everything will be narrowing in 2011. 6 Tools for buyers in any place and moment the behavior of buyers will continue to change thanks, mostly, to mobile technology. Although it is already happening in 2011 large and small retailers begin to offer customers tools […]

Economic Affairs Baden

Too bad, because today, English is so important. Dr. Walser dental is English necessary for, because the company supplies its products to more than 80 countries. 90% of all applications containing spelling mistakes. “We found up to 20 spelling mistakes in the simple cover letter! So, were very simple words misspelled or missing. An indictment”, […]

Frankfurter Parkett Centre: One Of The Largest Exhibitions Of Parquet In The Rhine-main

Real wood parquet, hardwood floors and parquet assortment variety, craftsmanship and professional advice Frankfurt 26.10.2010 a year ago joined the parquet Center of Bergen-Enkheim and lifestyle parquet from Bockenheim to the Frankfurter parquet Center together. The merger was one of the largest parquet exhibition in the Rhine-Main region, an area of 330 square metres, the […]

Administration Service

Settlement accounting for commissions as SaS the economic advantages and the flexibility use tamper-proof outsource contractor when FABI’s as a service provider covers the complete range of back office. The skilled person supervised the current Commission system, guarantees for the safety when accessing via the Internet and with data storage. The SaS solution is a […]

Select The Translation

Choosing office perevodovNe all the same translation. They differ in the types of services they provide translation. First, the translations are written and oral. Often from customers you can hear every interpretation called synchronous. This is wrong. Interpretation is divided into two types: sequential and simultaneous. The difference between them lies in the fact that […]