Monthly Archives: February, 2016

Marketing Tlf Stem

Around 25,000 families decide every year hiring the services of collection, analysis and transfer of the stem cells from the baby through private as IVIDA banks. In Spain, families can choose the altruistic donation through a public bank or the conservation of the sample in a private bank that remains at the disposal of the […]

Alliance Markets

All this in the analysis of this situation, the program has been considered important to general manager to worry integrate, to better define the roles of markets and production to ensure that both integrated take step to manufacturing and product offering that enables them to compete without fear of failing the challenges which currently have […]

Product Market

Rather than deciding on putting low prices, it is preferable to find a differentiation (something that we can offer than our competitors do not do so), for example, quality of service. The option of low prices is easy to neutralize by our competitors and is difficult to be able to keep it for a long […]

Marketing Ideas

It will be a contest? Then, pay attention to the following tip: the choice of the theme of the contest must respond to the interests of the public. Of course, there will also be a prize for the winner and it may be an interesting variable. But it is not the reason of weight by […]