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Should be noted that this type of controversy has arisen to the years long, such is the case in the 1980s with the ISO 9000 standards where the main objection was that the quality could not be certified or formalized, that said, nowadays quality is certified. The problem is not whether to certify the CSR […]

Spaghetti Recipes

I recently traveled to Italy and I love pasta recipes, not only with Bologna, but with clams, roast beef … blank or simply with olive oil and basil. The fact is that the paste mixes well with everything and is an important contribution of carbohydrates to the hardest days. Learn more about this with Bill […]

Marketing Mix

Marketing is everything he marketing affects all processes of a company and this is what we must convey in our own company, explains Kotler. Marketing decisions affect customers, the members of the company and the external partners. And thus, together, you should get to build strategies. It is important to take into account these elements […]