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Socialist International

The Australian elections of Saturday 23 he took John Howard’s power, which had been for almost 12 years. Despite the fact that this pais-continente is done thousands of miles of UK, Europe and the Americas, this will have implications for all of these. Since Bush started 7 years ago his Government always had a great […]

Time Management

A few weeks ago I was invited to present a seminar on how to use the time, a group of executives in Dallas Texas. I am sure that everyone attending a conference expected to ideas, or strategies to manage an agenda, how to use assertive communication in their presentations, and how to be effective in […]

The Group

Prospects – in abundance, opportunity – in abundance, distributors – in abundance, money – in abundance. They have no sense of fear, loss or destruction. If you are experiencing difficulties in sponsoring a new distributor, it is only because you do not represent value for him. People by and large it does not matter what […]


Also to obtain income on the part of the promoter of their Web, the majority of motors search has lately including payment options for those who wish to appear in first positions and some have even tried to take the way to list exclusively to those who pays for that reason. With this we mean […]

Internet Directory

UAH-design develops only exclusive design – our sites are of interest – the user has a desire to visit the site again – generate a stream of visits – conduct market research that can make your site unique – meeting all kinds of services that allows you to save time and money – to each […]

Jose Robert

That ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ it used? Davi left clearly of that its armor was done when said: ‘ ‘ Mr. exempted who me of the claws of the lion, and the claws of the bear, will exempt me of the hand of this filisteu’ ‘ (I Samuel 17.37a). Davi followed on behalf of God, […]

Common Mistakes

It's no secret that writing articles is one of the most effective ways to promote your online business. A good promotional campaign using articles can not only raise your site in search machines, but also make you a good reputation as an expert in a particular area of expertise. But, of course, can backfire, and […]

Marketing Gmb

How is learned: full time, part time, in sequential modules? Which forms of work pure teaching lecture, tasks in individual work, in the group, practice simulations etc. are provided? Also one should feel personally addressed. As a general rule: ever more interactive, more knowledge of the participants can be included and what you learned will […]