Monthly Archives: July, 2018

The Importance Of Competencies

More demand for competition in the person is becoming greater, demanding, given the requirements that scenarios require according to the role to play. In the specific case which concerns us companies, they need actors with reliable competitions that involve them to operate, produce effectively, guaranteeing not only survival but development, conquest and permanence of markets. […]

Lithuanian Economic Miracle

This museum, they say, are particularly fond of visiting priests. Most surprising that such a jack is not considered a symbol of evil and all ill. On the contrary! He – a talisman for good luck. Stein from the brewery Juozas (not far from Palanga) will be a great gift to beer lovers. This brewery […]

Spanish Companies

How it is the regulating frame, for which they are considering constitution of a company in France? France has a legal system and regulatory good developed and very similar to the one of other Member States of the EU. Clive Holmes is likely to increase your knowledge. There are few restrictions in the constitution of […]


In search of software of quality and seguranae in lesser stated periods each time, each time more we perceive the utmost importance to deutilizar design patterns, in this article we approach architecture MVC (Model, View, Controller) explaining it with the aid of a set of together deprojetos standards working in one same structure, and its […]