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Human Development

To know how to interpret the reality: besides knowing what it is happening it is important to know because and to learn to know the causes that because and not only the conjunctural causes, that is to say, the events of the moment, but the structural thing, that is the elements that historically are had […]

Work On The Internet

Lack of time is a serious problem facing today’s society: the children spend much of their day care alone or by outsiders, sometimes to the family or a family member who is not father or mother. This has caused an increase in depression among young people and teenagers, who generally are very sad because they […]

Mexican Indians

As of the weekend with the of the month-end foreign wanted to explain them to me in the following way: had been in the month of February 2005 when I saw, I greeted and chatted with Carlos Montemayor. It is the time that I met him with the time I read it, and from these […]

Creditreform Schimmelpfeng

Finally, these companies regularly also have a bank account. In addition to the term of the stock company, the label SPV is also often”used. Professionals differentiate these terms, however. You called a company then coat company, when it was already in the past and no longer or only slightly active. Reasons for the lack of […]

Rescue Dog Training Unit

Two years have elapsed and a half and has not yet been realized through the adoption of the relevant Order or Decree of the Ministry of Interior of the Government of Andalusia, the method is approved in Andalusia Chest as the official system for Dog Training Rescue Unit, as an important preventive measure, regulatory, and […]


Exactly that some of us let us define what we want to be when to grow, that is, that profession to follow, also is necessary that let us have well clearly that, as well as us, the world of the work also suffers some transformations, which if give for the proper performance of the man. […]


They are not the students who do not learn, are the professors who not ensinam.’ ‘ (BLACKSMITH AND CAMARGO, 2003). This affirmation seems to be old, but still it is a reality to see professors of this substance lecionando without having its complete formation or much little to be formed in this area. ‘ ‘ […]

Florena Geometric

Of certain form, Italian designer revolutionized the fashion of years 1950 with an unknown concept of the union between the formal suit and the esportivo suit. Its intention was to free the woman of the heavy and bothering clothes, facilitating day-by-day of that they started to enter in the work market. It already if had […]

Legal Choice

To be different does not mean to be better of what the other; nobody is equal to nobody, each one has its form of speaking, dressing, different of the other. The times my friends, say me that I am stranger, alone for the fact not to like very to leave, they have the form of […]

Web Law – innovative service platform for online legal and tax consulting provides answers to topics of everyday life after going live”by clever end August 2009 traffic increased continuously. We know that we need to plan some months for Google optimization, but we are pleased that we can see right now first results”, so the […]