If you paid alimony to more children, then subtract 30% in accordance with the laws of accrued alimony. If you convince the bank that officially you do not pay anything and will not pay, as there is an agreement with his former half, I think it will not help. Unofficially, you can pay as much as necessary, but the bank will take into account possible alimony in accordance with the law. Credit long relationship between ex-spouses often go bad, especially when it comes to money and children, so the bank adheres to the law. Business costs. According to the expenses of the Bank classifies taxes, rent, real estate maintenance, utility costs, staff salaries, travel expenses and some others, depending on the specifics of the business. Bank interested in your net proceeds after all necessary deductions. Costs rental property.

This type of spending does not always apply. Let's say you shoot an apartment and need to borrow money to buy their homes. The Bank does not take into account the current rent, as After buying an apartment, you are most likely will move into it. But in this case, if you purchase housing on the secondary market. If you buy the flats, then before putting the house and taking it into operation will be quite a long time, and you all Time will rent housing. In this case, the bank will deduct from your income the amount of lease payments.

Training costs. If you or your family members are trained in paid schools (this can be schools, high schools, middle or universities), the training costs will be deducted from your family budget. Taxes. From all of your official bank will deduct the amount of income taxes paid, and will operate on the sum of income after taxes. And all of the previously mentioned costs will be deducted from the income received after tax. Thus, adding all their income and subtracting all liabilities, obtain the sum of net income, based on the which, the bank will calculate the amount of possible credit. Loan calculators offered by banks and posted on the site are not always able to correctly calculate the actual size of the loan because of the fact that It does not take into account the mandatory expenses. It occasionally leads to discontent customers who are offended by the bank when they see that they endorsed an amount far less than they are currently calculated on a calculator. The reason it is in this. Calculators believe correctly, they only need to make the correct information.

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