Internet Form

Appeal to him personally. This issue is relevant, think of a movie about modern Hottabych old who fell in love with a girl robot (program, answering machine), just for the fact that she answered him. Thus, Having examined the satisfaction of human needs three: movement in space, communication, individual approach is necessary to consider the latter, but very important part of such a thing as shopping, defining it as pastime while shopping. An integral part of shopping is impulse buying. Need to have a subject here and now – Impulse purchases (like now).

In our consumer boom, probably 90 100% of purchases are made of pulse, like the cover of the book, on the first page of the magazine beautiful, in a word an attractive appearance, was intrigued by the seller, interestingly told, expressed the opinion, bought another, etc. So all the goods, at least in part be duplicated in digital form. For example, a book, movie, music, computer games, in two variants – in plain media and in digital form. Have chosen an electronic version (even more), because the momentum “I want now” button “Download”. Everywhere free demo version, it is true to the best of it or more, paid for it.

The problem of online stores especially in the regions, long wait for delivery, even if the courier. Output – digital form. For subjects that can not yet translated into digital form, such as clothes, toys, interior, find digital equivalents, and make them available in the form of bonuses. By the clothes – the program “to insert a photograph and sample looks like.” Go to a toy – beautiful big picture (poster) can be printed for a soft toy – digital skipping rope (a favorite on your desktop). For the interior – the program (paste into your interior and see what it looks like). For antiques – a certificate of its value. Cosmetic – a brochure about the super results of use, customer testimonials, information about new technologies. Mobile, household goods – information that people get from using this model, which solve human problems this technique. Bonus policy creates a joyous sense of a person who has paid 10 rubles, but I got to 1000. Turns it into a permanent customer. Do not sell the goods and needs. Achieve e-commerce are such that the 5 free bonuses, a purchase, there is room for improvement. The man from the store, do not leave empty-handed. Life example, an American rock group carried out an experiment, laid out his new album on the Internet, and declared, download for free, if you like (!) pay, and what you think, sales have tripled in comparison with the previous regular album, plus savings on the costs and middlemen. This is the future. Recently, the Russian singer also posted their new album on the Internet.

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