One of the main activities carried out in companies to support sales and generate more revenue is the execution of marketing campaigns to promote the products and/or services offered. All companies conduct campaigns of marketing for large enterprises or small is just as important the management of campaigns already that through them are given to know the benefits of the services and/or products offered this in order that will occur on sale. Some companies by its size and resources have specialized departments for this activity but they all have the same goal. It is important to clarify that marketing campaigns not only consist in creating activities to publicize any product or service but is also important to the follow-up given to them to be able to have measurements and statistics that reveal the effectiveness of those campaigns and thus execute action plans that will lead to improvements. A marketing campaign has several stages, which must run the more organized and coherent manner so that at the end the effectiveness results can be visualized.

SalesLogix, through marketing module, allows users to keep a full record of executed campaigns and to run on a particular segment; In addition, allows to track detailed to them to determine their effectiveness through analysis, among others, expected answers vs real answers, budgeted costs vs. actual costs, generated business opportunities, which leads to the generation of action plans to implement the necessary improvements and be more effective in the planning and execution of campaigns. The methodology applied by SalesLogix for management and follow-up to relational marketing campaigns has proved an effective mechanism that adapts to different types of campaigns involving resources and market segmentation to generate target groups. In addition, for the flexibility that owns SalesLogix, this module can be parameterised so that adapts to the needs of each company to allow one more tailored functionality if required.

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