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Brazilian Civil Code

All the others are particular, whichever the person the one that pertencerem.' ' After that, the Brazilian Civil Code says which is the considered ones as public goods, through the following text: ' ' The public goods are: – Of use joint of the people, as seas, rivers, roads, streets and squares; – Of special […]

Planning Market

The success is result of a planning, a written, detailed, concrete and possible document of being visualized, being idealized and being glimpsed. Search to get feedback. It is the form of the accountant to get answers on its behavior and to use such information for its improvement, is one inhabits essential to be able to […]

Electric Wheels

Special chairs of wheels with caratersticas are manufactured to think about people who need bigger chairs and these are manufactured chairs to support one weight bigger, or for those people who only can stimulate this chair alone with one of the arms. Manufactured chairs exist, in special for those patients who are in homes, these […]

United States

Ahead of this new social reality, the economy also completely was reorganized, of the planning to the production, has seen that it had a continuous and uninterrupted cycle of estandardizados methods to the same make products of level, that were vendidos in great standardized store, whose prices also estandardizados. While in the Europe and the […]


Soon, it is required of the controlling that know which are these stimulatons. With the implantation of the Endomarketing it will be possible that the company has greater knowledge of its collaborators, and in such a way to be able to evaluate them, for then inside applying the cabveis strategies for better satisfaction of the […]

Michael Porter

After the first publications on strategy in the organizacional field, appear between the decades of 1980 and 1990 some works focados in the strategy as search of competitive advantage. By means of strategies formulated, but divergent well in the analysis of the processes, some authors as Michael Porter, Jay Barner, Gary Hamel, C.K. Prahalad, Henry […]

The Sport

Pitts and Stotlar (2002) mention that the esportivo marketing corresponds to the process to elaborate and to program activities of production, formation of price, promotion and distribution of a esportivo product to satisfy the necessities or desires of consumers and to carry through the objectives of the company. Oliveiras and Pozzi (1996) complement that the […]

Brazilian Service

This organization possesss for main objective to carry through actions directed toward qualification of the commercialized products and to search forms alternative to take care of the current law, producing sustainable goods of consumption in the spheres ambient, economic and social. Through the CONDESUS, in year of 2002, a project for qualification of these agro-industrial […]