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The absolute hit farm of browser open the gate into the fascinating world of the plants and animals are farm of browser games! You offer the player the opportunity to escape the daily routine and delve into the wonderful world of pigs, cows and sheep, the plants and the nature from home and without a […]

PC Game Hits

“Climate change as a theme for an adventure game the new point-and-click adventure A new beginning” sent grapples with the current climate. Through a journey through time from the year 2500 in the past, the protagonist of Fay and her team members to prevent the worst mistakes. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de introduces the exciting adventure. […]


If you are an in line budding promoter who really needs to take his efforts of marketing in line, you cannot allow the luxury to put his unique way towards the yield into the hands of a campaign of payment publicity. Microsoft Corporation contributes greatly to this topic. Although AdWords de Google and of their […]