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Financial Crisis

weeping of a town is listened to in the street, cris economic, which we faced Without a doubt in Honduras, the stock market, he is practically null, we cannot value to our companies through Dow Jones or of the S& P 500, but we only needed to go out and to see the number of […]

European Finance

In the European SMEs, the contracts disappear by not knowing languages. This causes that every year there are important monetary losses and of jobs in different countries. The objective of the past European Day of the Languages, celebrated recently, was to draw attention on this so important aspect for the world of the company. All […]

Focused Leadership

They try to think better than the other people and to obtain the best ideas. Nevertheless, it is a process that, in them, is as natural as any other daily activity and, that is the motor moves that them to act. Determination and dedication to fulfill their objectives are two excellent characteristics in the entrepreneurs, […]


This it beams through a respondent car. This way, you will very possibly increase the probability that they buy your product or service in the future. The way easiest to understand this is with a practical example, no woman would accept the proposal of marriage of a man who does not know. It will need […]

Spanish Companies

How it is the regulating frame, for which they are considering constitution of a company in France? France has a legal system and regulatory good developed and very similar to the one of other Member States of the EU. Clive Holmes is likely to increase your knowledge. There are few restrictions in the constitution of […]

Client Confidence

If you have a business you know online it, people go to buy your products or services because they have a confidence to you, know that them DAS quality and in addition you fulfill yet what you offer. The confidence is one of the reasons by which you consume different marks, it thinks that milk […]

Advisable Marketing

Often we received this consultation of clients and potentials clients, who they consult to us about which are the more advisable actions of marketing for each site. The reality is that the product and the plans of sale define to a large extent which is the action of more advisable marketing. The reality is that […]

Foundation Access Society

The new technologies abren passage to a global society, a society in which the people or groups of them can interact in real time although they are dispersed geographically. However, contradictory results in the organizations as a result of the introduction of the new technologies have been demonstrated, therefore it reveals the study of the […]

Colombians Republic

That is the shorter effect of plazo". On the other hand, against this background of deceleration of the economy product of the financial crisis international, already they begin to feel the critics for the monetary authority of Colombia. Umaa, questioned its action when saying: " I believe that the measures that have come taking the […]

The Right

The right of integration is the branch of the pblico international right that studies and regulates the process of unin of the states in the process of comercializacin, poltico and office staff, thus are clear that if a lawyer does not know it he cannot advise states and in this order of ideas he is […]