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Minimum Wage

The minimum wage lost the purchase power very. In the government of Fernando Enrique of 1995 the 2002 when it entered for the government the minimum wage age of R$ 70,00, in 1 of May of 1995 passed to R$ 100,00.Em these eight years of government it gave of increase in the minimum wage a […]

The Form

With this, the objective movement with the education of the field, ' ' to multiply without land that, in its daily participation in the Movement, has capacity of analysis of the reality, creative implementation of principles and lines politics, proposal and not only of execution of tarefas' ' (CALDART, 2004, P. 312). A release is […]

Adviser Marketing

On behalf of this ‘ ‘ progresso’ ‘ undeniable in many sectors – especially scientific and technological – and aspects, but total cripple in its substance when come back to perennial we compromise the quality of life, ours and of the planet, transmitting a sad legacy to that they have of in them in such […]

Contact Center

Solved the problem. To all of them we supply the same the same to them and tratmoslos. If some feel unsatisfied or they go away, what we are going to him to do. Equal not even I find out to me of those who is those that goes away or they do so that it. […]