Monthly Archives: September, 2013

The Key To Success

Emulate successful people is the key to success. Be careful, however, if you ask them Council. Really I don’t know how people have success, ask them how they have achieved it, it will give you a general idea of how to achieve success, but do not stay only with words, acts just like them. One […]

Hugo Chavez

Add to this the action of speculators who inflate prices. this is also the subject of further inquiry. All these issues obviously contribute to the current food crisis. But they are not completely responsible for their depth. There is something more important behind. Something that brings all these issues and that popes in the world […]

La Mancha Rajoy

Zapatero has claimed all the progressives who come to the polls on Sunday and has proclaimed that the fate and the future is always in the hands of the people. Making history while, the National President of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has accompanied Maria Dolores de Cospedal at his closing campaign before an election in […]


Using AutoCad particularly attractive by the fact that this is the most common program among architects around the world. This has several advantages. By the brightest of which are: the ability to easily share their operating time without having to transfer to a special format, with colleagues from around the world, the large number of […]