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Many equate promotion with advertising. Certainly, these two expressions are intertwined, but there are small differences. Right and the target group-oriented advertising is extremely important for any company. Here too no matter big, whether the company itself with services or products. If the customers don’t know anything about the particular product, service, or the company itself, they will acquire nothing. For this reason, a product/service/company is made known through advertising. During the promotion it comes now, the customer ultimately to convince to buy this product or service. While advertising on spots in television, for example, resorted in the radio or ads in newspapers and magazines, uses the promotion of another method: direct contact with the customers, to get him to buy the product or service.

Promotion agencies provide a smooth flow of who knows event not the nice ladies and gentlemen in the shopping centre, on the Road or on a commercial exhibition, which want to attract passers-by and draw attention to a product. Usually this is done with a flyer containing the message often enough but also through a tasting or personal consultation directly on-site. Another well-known example of a promotional event (Roadshow) is the popular Red and white truck of a drink which often congratulate us for Christmas in whole Germany. Here comes the company directly in contact with the customers. Rare, due to the immense logistical and organizational overhead that a company aligns a such promotion event itself. This is propagated to a promotion agency, which then ensures that the event is a success. Now it is not just that a promotion agency provides only 2 or 3 students as a promoter in the street and then distribute the flyer you can.

A professional agency agrees with the customer is, what exactly is desired and makes proposals to the Organization and the process. Just as it takes is the staff and any required permits in public places. You will provide their own equipment, ensures appropriate, high-quality uniforms, clothing and accessories of the promoter and/or plans even entire tours that take place over weeks or months. With a sufficient budget and at the request of the customer the promotion hires sometimes even prominent Agency. For trade fairs, hostesses, presenters can agency about a promotion or even chauffeurs rented which will, make well prepared on all questions of our customers. It matters immense benefits for the customers of course always, what the customers say the company itself would have and what budgets available are. But alone the organizational effort, a medium-sized promotional event with it brings, makes it worthwhile to hire a professional promotion agency. No contractor really has the time to take care of, for example, to multilingual staff for an international exhibition. The Agency regulates everything important, and later supplied the company with important data and facts about the event. Also the entrepreneur must not worry event in addition to his main business to the end of the promotion.

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