‘Sign of the calculation in the absence of transcripts’ – note the value of’ On the salary. ” If the billing period before insured event the insured person had no wages for legitimate reasons (temporary disability; leave due to pregnancy and childbirth; leave to care for a child) or if the insurance event occurred on the first day, the average salary to calculate benefits and maternity leave is determined by dividing the wage rate (salary) or part of the monthly average number of calendar days (30.44). 2.8. ‘Category timing to limit’ – choose to ‘calendar days monthly. ” The size of the average daily wage is necessary to compare the maximum and minimum value, given the rate of one day. For benefits for pregnancy and childbirth, this is calculated by dividing the maximum and minimum values of serving the last month of the billing period, the average number of calendar days (30.44) 3.

Stayed the same order of inclusion of incentive and compensation payments, which are ad hoc, and fees not covered by the acts of legislation or which are held in excess of the specified acts rules, if the insured person of the month billing period did not work for valid reasons (temporary disability leave due to pregnancy and childbirth leave to care for a child). Payments are included in the calculation of the average salary in proportion spent in a month, weekdays. Accordingly, the case of accounting (accounting department -> Algorithms Payroll -> tab ‘accounting registers’ -> Edit Form Table reentrant) on the calculation of the average for sick leave in the context of one-time payments must be made with the sign of PD (proportional spent days). 4. For sick leave and maternity leave to create a new type of calculation with by using the system variable ‘Number of days of sickness and maternity leave. ” The new form of calculating a reference to the new types of secondary (Estimate Department -> Algorithms Payroll -> tab “Types of calculation ‘-> edit form type of calculation, the ‘typical average salary’). In December, should act simultaneously two types of calculation of sick leave and maternity leave.

After the closure period, the old kind of calculation derived from action. For sick leave until December 15 to apply the old type of calculation, since December 15 – a new look. 5. After the calculation of charges for employees who have sick leave, you must run mode conversion Sick (Form view Accruals accounting officers or employees of the shops Charges, action ‘Recalculate hospital maternity Herod’ group action ‘Get report card’). This action produces following: 5.1. selected by the staff unit verifies that charges the category of ‘sick leave for pregnancy / maternity leave’ for a certain period in the hospital the appropriate category, which started after 15.12.2009 5.2. the relevant hospital verified the existence of the report card days, that category is different from the ‘disease’ and the table is adjusted 5.3. if the corresponding average salary is a typical feature of ‘The formation of transcripts taken from employees’ equal ‘for the period of actual hours worked’, then re-created transcript of the average wage; 5.4. recalculated charge to the category of ‘hospital at pregnancy / maternity leave. ” _.

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