Colombians Republic

That is the shorter effect of plazo". On the other hand, against this background of deceleration of the economy product of the financial crisis international, already they begin to feel the critics for the monetary authority of Colombia. Umaa, questioned its action when saying: " I believe that the measures that have come taking the Bank from the Republic in relation to the interest rates have reduced to much the consumption of the Colombians, for that reason, with the financial crisis, it is going away to feel hard golpe&quot much more;. The high level of the interest rates of the Bank of the Republic makes increase the pressures so that a cycle of cuts begins. The interest rate of reference is located at the moment in 10%. For the market analysts, the reduction in the interest rates of reference of the Bank of the Republic would contribute to generate use, when generating an improvement in the internal demand.

In relation to the monetary policy of the Bank of the Republic, site Colombian " The Espectador" , it gathers another part of the declarations realised by Uribe Escobar that said on the matter on the inflationary perspective: " The smaller world-wide growth also takes to a smaller demand by Colombian products; then minors prices and minor demand, of some form contribute to that the inflation pressures disminuyan". International the financial crisis will strike to the demand of the Colombian economy, as much commits like external. It will derive in a smaller growth. But as well as the present crisis has these negative aspects, has other positives as they are it, the reduction in the inflationary pressures and that this crisis will serve Colombia to demonstrate the strength to him of their economy to surpass it, which will generate many benefits to him in terms of external investments, to future. We will again be the next Monday, Horacio Pozzo original Author and source of the article.

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